99-25: REC Files Emergency Motion

An effort to put the dismissed applications back on the table.

REC has filed an "Emergency Motion To Reinstate Applications" in an effort to temporarily reverse the Commission's decision on March 17, 2003 to dismiss hundreds of LPFM applications because they were "deadlocked" and unable to file major changes because they were short spaced on the third-adjacent channel.

These applicants filed prior to the rule being changed as a result of congressional action. REC is asking to temporarily reinstate these applications so the outcome of the comments on the MITRE report as well as any subsequent congressional action and eventual rulemaking.

On March 24, one week after the dismiisals; REC, along with several other stakeholders filed a Petition for Reconsideration via the FCC's "9-11" e-mail filing process, which has never worked properly since it's inception. REC has also involved the Office of the Inspector General of the FCC in on this proceeding due to the previous issues of trying to use the e-mail filing process.

REC's motion should appear in ECFS under MM Docket 99-25 on Monday.