LMSBOT is REC's backend system that follows the FCC applications and activity on the FCC's Licensing Management System (LMS) and writes it into the CDBSBOT database (CDBSBOT was the original tracking program for the CDBS filing system.  CDBSBOT is still in service).   

LMSBOT is what drives the data you see on FCC.today.  

We have done a complete rewrite of the code and released LMSBOT v3.   Internally, the code is cleaner and easier to adapt to changes made by the FCC.  It also has direct interaction with eLMS.  

The system will update eLMS when the application is filed or an action takes place on an existing one.  This will, in most cases, instantly update FCCdata.    We note that in the case of TV engineering applications, while the application may show in the Facility Details of FCCdata.org, the actual application details will not be available until the next business day as TV engineering still uses LMS raw data.

In this change, we have also made some improvements to the display of application types.    LMS applications have always shown a prefix prior to the application file number (like MOD, L2C, REN, etc.).  That prefix defines the type of application for easier viewing.  

Here is a complete list of application types you will see on FCC.today and FCCdata for LMS originated applications.

This new version also integrates the LMSBOT parser and a separate application that scans the CDBSBOT database and identifies applications for which eLMS can process.  


Monday, September 14, 2020
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
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