FCCdata release notes:

FCCdata v. 1812.20.09.13.HOTFIX release notes:

The FM Facility Details module has been completely rewritten in order to internally streamline the code.  The module will be driven by the the eLMS FM application list table, which only includes FM facilities unlike its predecessor table.  This will hopefully increase the speed of retrieval.  The new module will use eLMS data first.  If the application record is not in eLMS, the system will use data from either CDBS or LMS, depending on which system the application was filed in. This will increase the chances that the information needed wiill be available, even if the system is doing its daily CDBS and LMS updates.

In Facility Details, The Class C4 upgrade potential that previously displayed on full-service commercial class A FM facilities has been removed.

In Facility Details, The 2013 LPFM Window application details on new LPFM construction permit applications has been removed.   Dismissal reasons for LPFM original construction permits are still avaialble at the REC website.  MX group identifiers for these stations can also be found in the REC universe.

In Facility Details, The Auction 83 MX Group functionality on original FM translator construction permits has been removed.

The FM Application Details screen will now show the construction permit or license conditions of authorization on applications that were filed through LMS and are supported in eLMS.

Removed the distance measurement from a primary station to its identified translator(s).

Integrated internal application type codes from CDBS, LMS, eLMS, IBFS, Public Notice Project and Radio History Project into a standardized set.  The displayed names of some application types throughout the system may have changed (for example, a CDBS “Change of Address” is now known as an “Administrative Update”).

In the Application History, CDBS “notices” (consummation, extend consummation, address change/administrative update, silent notification and resume operation) where a file number (application reference number) is not used can now be obtained by clicking on the “(NOTICE)" link to the left of the item.

Links to individual (LMS) and group (CDBS) ownership reports have been removed from Application History.  REC is working on a new system for obtaining CDBS and LMS/eLMS ownership reports.

Expanded the scope of the DTV transition section in Application History to also include filed notices (such as analog termination, etc.) in addition to the forms (such as education campaigns, channel elections, etc.). 

In Application History, LMS TV applications will now link to the HTML version of the the FCC application instead of the PDF version.

In Application History, if an LMS application is granted, the word “Granted” will be a hyperlink.  Clicking on the “Granted” link will download a PDF copy of the authorization document.  In this past, this functionality was put in for renewals, but we have expanded it to all LMS engineering applications (FM and TV).

The heart of this change included the “breakup” of a large Master Application File into separate files for each service and application:

  • FM broadcast services
  • AM broadcast services
  • Television station applications
  • Television applications related to the 2009 DTV conversion
  • Television applications related to the repack
  • Childrens television programming reports
  • International high frequency (domestic shortwave) broadcast stations.

The FM application list is being updated by eLMS Real Time as application activity and changes come in.  One of the objectives of this project is to reduce or eliminate the “downtime” that FCC broadcast functionality has in the morning as our databases update.  With the fully interactive FM application list, we may be getting closer to eliminating that downtime.  We do note that engineering details from CDBS applications may not be available for the period of time when the CDBS activities are taking place in the morning update. The AM, TV and HF application lists are not yet in real time.  There are no plans to interface with IBFS for HF.  However, for AM and TV, we will continue to make morning full updates.  Therefore, there may be a period of time (hopefully shorter) when AM and TV records will not be available.  Under the new system, the updates are divided by system, so either AM will be down or TV will be.

We note that there continues to be many issues with FCCdata and more specifically, the use of CDBS data as when changes are made, the CDBS facility data is not always getting updated.  FCCdata still uses CDBS facility data on the facility header unless it is a LMS originated new facility (Facility ID number > 700,000).  A part of the eLMS project is to integrate into a single facility table that will cover CDBS, LMS and IBFS. 

There may be additional activity taking place during the week.  This construction will take place in a test environment.  Due to some of the issues we have been having, we are hot-fixing the programming modules in advance of a new version of FCCdata. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020
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