REC introduces new LPFM Application Status Tool plus enhancements to other tools

New user friendly tool gives application status. Application status incorporated into LPFM Search, FM Query

Today, REC has made an initial release of a new tool that is intended to give LPFM applicants information on the status of their LPFM applications.

The new project, called "ASPEN" (Application Status Plain ENglish) gives LPFM application status information in plain English using 8 check boxes to represent the different stages of the LPFM application process.

ASPEN will check for duplicate applications, proper spacing to other stations (including changes made after the Window), direct access to information on Informal Objections and Petitions to Deny, information on mutually exclusive (competing) LPFM applications and information on how to contact these applicants. All in a very simple, plain English format.

As with all other LPFM Database tools, ASPEN data will be updated every weekend using Friday's CDBS data.

Application status data has also been incorporated into the FM Query tool and will be used in the LPFM Channel Search.

ASPEN can be accessed at

Editor's note: - ASPEN can currently be accessed at