Renewal status real time, new delayed renewal list, minor FCCdata fix.

Renewal Status Tool

The REC Renewal Status tool has been updated to interface with the data used to drive  This means that prior to giving a result based on LMS data, the REC LMSBOT real-time data will be used to determine if a grant happened since the last LMS raw data update.  If it has, the tool will display the grant and provide a link to the authorization. 

Renewal Delays and Dismissals

This is a new Toybox application that will simply show the applications of LPFM renewals that are still pending despite the station license reaching its expiration date.  These stations can still broadcast until the FCC makes a decision.  The list also shows LPFM station renewals that have been dismissed and the licenses cancelled.  This normally happens if the FCC receives a report that the station has been off the air for more than a year and the licensee does not respond to the FCC's Operational Status Inquiry (OSI). 


We are in the progress of trying to fix an issue with assignments and transfers not displaying correctly when requested from the application history list.  The system now distinguishes translators and LPTV stations and attempts to build the data on Form 345 instead of Form 314.  


Monday, May 18, 2020
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