REC, Amherst and Others Ask FCC to Reconsider LPFM Dismissals

Petition for Reconsideration filed on a majority of last week's LPFM dismissals.

In an effort spearheaded by REC, a Petition for Reconsideration has been filed to protest the dismissal of over 300 LPFM applications.

Signing on the Petition include various LPFM advocates including Amherst Alliance, WKJCE Radio, RM-9208 co-author Nickolaus Leggett, KZQX-LP, Johnathan Grant and William Blew.

Applicants selected to be included in the Petition for Reconsideration include those who were not able to change channels from their current location due to the Radio Broadcast Protection Act inacted by Congress. The RBPA imposed protection of third adjacent channels. Many applicants were able to change channels in a special filing window last October.

A part of the RBPA calls for the FCC to conduct an independent test to determine actual interference to third adjacent channels.

Since the results of this testing has not been released to the public and no action has been taken on it, the petitioners feel that if the FCC is to lift the third adjacent channel restrictions, the stations that were named would be able to compete for their channels.

REC and the other petitioners felt that the dismissal of the applications was premature.

A copy of our filing can be found at