December system maintenance - Sunday Dec. 22 update

Today, REC did some behind the scenes work to change the way that it updates the CDBS data from the FCC.  Updates on some databases have been frozen as they are no longer used.  This includes information related to ownership reports, renewals and most TV related activity as this has all converted to LMS.  All CDBS data will be maintained for historical purposes.

We do not anticipate any problems with FCCdata or any other tools but as we have warned, please watch out for potholes in our systems during this enhancement.

On Monday, we will start a similar project to enhance the daily updates of LMS data. 

Our overall goal in this project is to eliminate the "data blackout" that takes place in the morning as databases update.  

This is one of many projects we are working on in this intensive systems enhancement project.

Thank you for your patience! 


Sunday, December 22, 2019
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