Psuedo LMS application IDs, U/D Calculator LMS READY


Traditionally, CDBS provided an application ID that was an integer that uniquely described each application filed.  This was up to a 7 digit number.  With LMS, the application ID is a long hexidecimal string.  In order to facilitate ease of use for systems that are internal to REC as well as external (such the U/D calculator), all LMS application records will receive a 7 digit psuedo application ID starting at 5,000,000.  A table is built that will cross reference betewen the psuedo application ID and the LMS (hex) application ID.  

FCCdata/Denpahoso is modified to show the application ID number in a manner similar to how it displays them for CDBS records.

The Undesired/Desired Ratio (U/D Ratio) Calculator has been modified to support the new psuedo application IDs and LMS directional antenna records.

Development is taking place in myLPFM.  The Channel Detail functionality in myLPFM now supports FM engineering records originated in LMS.


Tuesday, October 8, 2019
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