Slow response on all sites at times.

REC continues to face issues with slow response. During the week of September 16, 2019, we will be working on some fixes for the database. This may include taking the sites completely down, repairing and restarting. We will do our best to limit heavy repairs until after 6PM ET and on the weekend. REC has also experienced a spike in search engine (spider/crawler) activity, especially into FCCdata. We are putting in actions to prevent this activity into areas with high database utilization and making efforts to block rogue search sites (those that don't respect robots.txt). Internally, we are also in the process of reviewing the contents of our database to determine obsolete projects and data usage and purging data that is redundant and older data that has no historical value. Please be patient with us this week as we try to get this together.

We do note that there will also be development activities going on that are related to the conversion of FM broadcasting from CDBS to LMS.

Updated 9/18/2019:

We have made some enhancements.including moving the CDBS/LMS update routine to 5AM Eastern Time.  Click here for more details.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Systems affected:
myLPFM v2
NCE Preliminary Search Tool
Voluntary Public File System
Runway Slope
Tower Finder
REC Website Content website
J1 Earthquake Site website
Issue type: 
REC systems issue