FCCdata AM Dialscape enhancement to now include nighttime DX stations

With the new AM contour map functionality that was recently installed, this has given us the opportunity to expand our capability to enhance the AM Dialscape (the page you reach after you enter a city name and shows all FM, AM and TV facilities nearby).  

The existing AM Dialscape has been renamed "AM Stations-Daytime".  The list will now be limited to any station that would place a 0.5 mV/m contour over the location being searched.  This could be seen as a more realistic view of what stations are in the listening area of the area being searched.  A new column will show if the station is within the 0.5 mV/m contour (for a marginal signal) or within the stronger 2 mV/m contour.  For newer AM records that do not have any contour data provided by the FCC, they will be displayed here if they are within 100 km of the location being searched. 

With this change, we introduce a new table on the US dialscape "Nighttime AM Skywave Potential".  

The new table will show any stations that have 0.5 mV/m skywave contour data and place such a contour over the location being searched.  This means that if a station is being heard at night, chances are that it might be this station.  This will increase the chances that an AM station outside of the USA (and for that matter, outside of Canada and Mexico) may appear on the list.  For those records, the 2-letter country code will also be shown in the community.  

Please note that non-USA contour records in the FCC section of FCCdata are based on information provided to the FCC's International Bureau through the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) or from other administrations and reflect the facilities that are recognized by the FCC for purposes of protection.  It may not reflect the actual operating facilities. 

Some Mexican and Canadian records may appear more than once on the list.  This is due to the FCC assigning different facility ID numbers to the same station.

In the mobile presentation of the Dialscape; AM Daytime, Traveler's Information Stations and Potential Nighttime AM Skywave will appear as three separate pull down boxes.

This enhancement has been a long time request by the radio hobbyist community to add nighttime "DX" functionality.   We hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, August 25, 2019
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FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
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