FEMA schedules next EAS National Test for August 7 and it will be entirely over the air.

Details are starting to come in about the next national EAS Test will be held on August 7 (backup, August 21) at 2:20PM EDT.

This test will be different than previous tests as IPAWS will not be used. The tests will originate from the Primary Entry Point (PEP) stations. This test will focus on over-the-air reception of alerts in the event that the internet is not available. This test will use the all-zeros (000000) FIPS code.

It is very important that stations are following their state EAS plan by determining first, which operational area that your station is in and then determining the LP-1 and LP-2 stations for your location. If you can't receive either of these stations, you MUST contact your state's EAS coordinator to get an alternate assignment and you must maintain any correspondence or waivers from the state EAS coordinator with your station records.

A list of state EAS plans and coordinators can be found at the FCC:

REC is reminding stations to frequently check their logs to make sure that they are receiving the weekly (RWT) and monthly (RMT) tests from the stations specified on the EAS plan (or under a specific waiver from the state EAS coordinator).