FAQ: Are full power stations running hybrid HD Radio (IBOC) afforded any additional protections above and beyond the current analog protections?

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No. As long at the LPFM station meets minimum spacing and (second-adjacent channel) interference requirements of §73.807, then the LPFM station meets the minimum requirements.

See Broadcast Actions #48418,Public Notice, (MB 2/3/2015) at 5.
Calvary of Birmingham, WVXV-LP, BNPL-20131112ALD:
The Petition to Deny filed 1/21/2015 by Kimtron, Inc. IS HEREBY DENIED 1/29/2015 via Public Notice. No letter sent. Petitioner fails to demonstrate that grant of this application would violate any Commission rule or policy. The LPFM application proposes to operate on a second-adjacent channel to WDJC-FM. Petitioner alleges that it is entitled to protection of its digital operation, in addition to the analog signal of WDJC-FM. However, protection to a station’s digital operation is provided via the protection to its analog signal. Therefore, the application satisfies all applicable spacing and interference requirements of 47 CFR Section 73.807. Accordingly, we grant the LPFM application.

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Monday, May 25, 2015