FAQ: I have been granted a construction permit but there is a pirate station on my channel, what should I do?

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Complaints by broadcasters about unlicened/unauthorized operations are handled by the FCC's Spectrum Enforcement Division of the Enforcement Bureau. Complaints should be made in writing and sent to:

Federal Communications Commission
Enforcement Bureau
Spectrum Enforcement Division
45 L Street NE
Washington DC 20554

Complaints should include the name of the operator (if known), how the station identifies itself, station contact information (such as name or address ) if possible, time of operation, location of station, the operating frequency and if the station is causing interference. According to the FCC, some enforcement actions require coordination with the Department of Justice and the timing of enforcement actions are not always in the FCC's control. Once a complaint is filed, the FCC will not discuss the status of an enforcement action, even with the impact ed broadcaster making the complaint.

Answer revised to reflect the new address of FCC Headquarters.

LPFM enforcement and interference
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Monday, May 1, 2023