FAQ: My proposed LPFM station is spaced 69 km from a Class-A FM station on co-channel. The Class-A station has filed an objection showing overlap. I'm in the foothills. Is my application doomed?

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No, you are not doomed. §73.807(a) of the rules require a minimum of 67km spacing between an LPFM and a Class-A on a co-channel. §73.209(c) of the FCC rules protects LPFM stations by stating that full power stations must accept interference from LPFM stations that are properly spaced based on §73.807(a) of the rules. The FCC has ruled on previous cases that as long as the LPFM station meets the §73.807(a) minimum distance separation guidelines, any interference caused by an LPFM station is non-actionable, even if there is obvious contour overlap.  This same theory applies to translators and other LPFMs.
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Thursday, May 14, 2015