REC Networks statement on the nominations of Anna Gomez, Geoffrey Starks and Brendan Carr

REC Networks is pleased that President Biden has made a choice for a fifth Commissioner for the Federal Communications Commission.  If confirmed, it will finally break the 2-2 deadlock on the Commission and allow the FCC to move forward on issues such as net neutrality, which has been split along party lines and may also be the catalyst to finally get some steam on issues such as various REC initiatives including LP-250, translator reform and rural NCE expansion.  It may also address the Petition for Reconsideration on the FM duplication rule change, for which REC was a joint filer of.

Anna's resume, which includes past experience on staff at the FCC and at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and as well as her past participation in World Radio Conferences makes her an excellent candidate for the job.  She will also be the first Latina to serve on the FCC since Gloria Tristani left the Commission on 2001.   While are currently not aware of any serious obstacles in her ability to be confirmed, we will be looking forward to the confirmation hearings.  Once confirmed, we look forward to working with her and her staff on common sense solutions to assure we maintain a diverse dial and make our spectrum more accessible to more citizens. 

We also thank the President for planning ahead by nominating Commissioners Geoffrey Starks and Brendan Carr to second terms on the bench to prevent future shortfalls at the FCC. 

During the past few years, both Commissioners have demonstrated their leadership and professionalism. 

Starks has been very instrumental in supporting community radio and diversity related causes during his time at the FCC and while REC and Carr do not always see eye to eye on issues, we hope that we can use the next few years to find some more common ground for the betterment of America, especially in our efforts to keep radio relevant.  

They are both deserving of their nominations and we hope the best for them as they go through their confirmation hearings. 

We wish them all the best!