eLMS & FCCdata: Silence Log

eLMS has added a new table silence_log that will track silent station and resumption applications in both CDBS and eLMS real time. 

The data in the silence log will be updated once per day during the daily system update.

The silent history of a FM, AM or TV facility in FCCdata has been modified to use the new silence log. 

The system will check both databases independentally in chronological order and for each silent STA, it will create an "incident".  The next resumption filed will be added to that incident.  Each incident will be its own line in FCCdata.

For eLMS real time (LMS) applications, the log will also keep data on the reason for silence, which will be displayed in FCCdata.  We are unable to get this data from CDBS applications.

On eLMS/LMS applications, if a silent notification or silent STA application is subsequently dismissed by staff, the date of the dismissal will show as the resumption date. 

The silence log will also bring in a lot of older CDBS silent applications that may have not properly shown in the past.

Notes on CDBS silent records:

  • Many older CDBS records (from the late 90s into the 00s) do not have specific data points in the raw data speciific to the actual suspension and resumption dates.
  • In addition, when the FCC retired CDBS earlier in 2022, they went back to a manual mode similar to what they did in the late 90s and 00s.
  • On these applications, if we do not have the suspension or resumption dates in their proper fields, we will first base the date off of the application reference number (ARN).  (for example: BSTA-20051225AAA will be considered as suspended or resumed on 12/25/2005).   
  • Not all of these legacy applications have ARNs.  If no ARN is available, we will use the application status date as the suspension or resumption date.
  • On any records where we are not able to use the specific fields in CDBS raw data for suspension and resumption dates, we will indicate in our database, which will display in FCCdata with an "(approx.)" indicator.
  • Many records have a suspension and no resumption, we believe this was normal for the time.  Always use the application history to see if the station was resumed on a license to cover application instead of filing a resumption.  



Sunday, July 3, 2022
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