Window Tool: Split Groups

Modifications have been made to the NCE/LPFM Window Tool to better support "split groups". 

A split group happens when the dismissal or modification of an applicant results in two or more groups of applicants in part of an MX group having no common conflicts with members of the other part of the group.  

For example:  Let's say there's a daisy chain of applicants that only directly conflict with the next station in the chain:

A <-> B <-> C <-> D <-> E

A only conflicts with B, B only conflicts with A and C, C only conflicts with B and D, D only conflicts with C and E.  They are all in a single MX group.  Applicant C either voluntarily dismisses or modifies to become singleton.  This will split the group, creating a group of A & B and D & E. 


Sunday, January 30, 2022
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