J1: Tokyo weather reporting-system rebuild


J1 Radio was airing incorrect weather reports for Japan.  Mainly, the same report repeating every hour.


The Japan Meterological Agency (JMA) did a complete overhaul to their website and our systems no longer able to scrape the data. 


REC was already planning to completely rebuild the J1 Tokyo/Japan weather system using openweather as the data source at a future date.  As a result of this major change by the JMA, we decided to escalate that rebuild to the weekend of 3/6~3/7/2021.  This rebuild appears to have been completed and new announcements should start airing as of 3/7/2021 16:15 RECOT (3/8/2021 08:15 JST).  

The Twitter service that gives the daily forecast for Tokyo and the temps in other Japanese cities that posts in the morning (JST) is still unavilable as it is not available with the new data format.  This is a low priority item and we will update in a later project. 


As a separate issue, the loss of the JMA web service is also impacting our earthquake data.  The JMA provides the "post quake" information showing epicenter, magnitude and Shindo intensity.  This service is currently unavailable.  We are currently working on using an XML open API that the JMA provides to the public for this data, we will update that in a future project.   We do note though that our connection to Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) is not impacted by this.   Data from EEW is still going to eew.j1fm.tokyo and to the @j1_quake Twitter service, however JMA data is not. 


Sunday, March 7, 2021
Systems affected: 
J1 Hits audio streaming
J1 XTRA audio streaming
J1 GOLD audio streaming
J1FM.tokyo website
J1 Earthquake Site
Issue type: 
Other outside issue