First LPFM to give way for a full power FM station

also some additional FCC housecleaning in SoCal.

This week's FCC LPFM activity in the dismissal department includes the first LPFM forced off the air to make way for a full power station and the FCC does a little "housecleaning" while they are at it.

In Taylors, SC, the license to cover for WFBP-LP has been denied due to a recent short-spacing by Greenville-Spartanbug broadcaster WGVC. Who originally asked for in MM Docket 01-110 to downgrade WGVC, which was originally licensed to Newberry from a Class C3 to A and then move it to Simpsonville. WGVC later counterproposed their own proposal and made the Simpsonville allotment a higher rated Class C3. WGVC is on the first adjacent channel to WFBP-LP. WFBP is short spaced by 48km to WGVC. There is no other channel that WFBP-LP can move to.

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Unfortunately, the LPFM service is secondary. LPFM stations must give way for full power stations that are new, move their transmitter or increase their power. LP-100 stations are protected from translators on their co-channel and first adjacent channel.

In Southern Calfiornia, two "junk" applicatons in Los Angeles and Lennox that have been sitting for years on KRTH's first adjacent channel have finally been dismissed. There is still one additional application that still needs to be dismissed there. An LPFM application in Banning that is short spaced to a drop-in over in Hemet has also been dismissed this week.

We are still waiting for some contraversial applications in the Tucson area to be dismissed. These applications are holding up a local tribe from getting their construction permit.