Many LPFM Applications Dismissed Today

These applicants were either deadlocked or just did not file during the remedial window.

Today, the FCC has issued a Public Notice dismissing all of the LPFM applications that are short spaced on the third adjacent channel and did not or could not file a minor change amendment during the October remedial window.

Many of these applicants were deadlocked. They had not alternate channel to move to.

REC is disturbed by this action today as it affects the possibility of these LPFM applicants having any chance of getting on the air if the Commission was to relax the third adjacent channel rules as a result of the testing ordered by Congress.

REC feels that this is bad timing on the part of the FCC.

Within the REC Area of Interest (AZ, NV and So. Cal), there were about 40 applications that were dismissed today including all of the deadlocked applicants in two MX groups in San Diego and Las Vegas. There were some deadlocks in Ventura County that were also dismissed today.

One application on the list, Ministerio Palabra Vida in Corona, CA should not be on this list. REC pointed out to the FCC during the Remdedial Window that this application should not be on the list. As a result, the application appeared on the S-6 cut off list. We have notified the FCC again of the error.