07/10/2018 New functionality to address not receiving raw data updates from the FCC. Enhancement
06/21/2018 LMS real time updates Enhancement,
06/18/2018 Prohibited direct inquiries on Google maps Enhancement, Other outside issue, myLPFM v3, J1 Earthquake Site
06/18/2018 IBFS Integration (325(c) and International Broadcast Stations) Enhancement
04/20/2018 Drupal CMS Update Scheduled maintenance myLPFM v3, Runway Slope, Tower Finder, NADCON, PREMIS, REC Website Content
04/18/2018 Station logos on FCCdata Enhancement
03/20/2018 Launch of REC PREMIS Enhancement PREMIS, REC Website Content
02/04/2018 Expansion of ULS Data Enhancement
02/01/2018 January, 2018 fccdata enhancements Enhancement
01/27/2018 Change in IP address Scheduled maintenance,, myLPFM v3, Runway Slope, Tower Finder, NADCON, REC Website Content, website, J1 Earthquake Site, Retroride