Announcement from REC Networks regarding the closure of Nexus Broadcast, LLC

On July 31, 2014, Nexus Broadcast, LLC (Nexus) has informed Michelle Eyre Bradley dba REC Networks (REC) that effective August 1, 2014, that Nexus would “close”.   Nexus is currently in the process of winding down their operations.  

Nexus has advised REC that they will no longer be accepting new engineering service requests (that are sent to REC for handling) and they will have limited resources to service customers through the month of August. 

This has caught REC off-guard and now we are looking at how this will impact current customers of Nexus who have purchased RECnexus co-branded services as well as how this will affect new requests for application services.

First of all, I want to simply state some of the legal aspects REC/Nexus joint marketing agreement:

  • There are no corporate connections between REC and Nexus.  In other words, REC does not have any ownership in Nexus or vice versa.
  • REC provided wholesale services to Nexus.  Nexus would market the services, handle the sales negotiation, close the same and collect the charges.  Nexus would then refer the client to REC for the handling of the engineering request and once REC reached a certain point in the process, they would bill Nexus at a wholesale rate.
  • Throughout the entire process, the client was a customer of Nexus Broadcast, LLC and not REC.

I also want to stress, REC can not speak for or provide support for Nexus Broadcast, LLC.  This includes the entire equipment line of business and any billing and collections around the engineering business.  Our relationship with Nexus is not much different than if you were to call the cable company for installation and they sent an installation contractor to do the work.  You still paid the cable company and they “owned” the customer.

With that said, here’s how REC is handling Nexus customers (those who paid Nexus for services that would be fulfilled in part by REC):

If RECnexus is working with you on a new construction permit application in a group that has already been declared “mutually exclusive” (MX):

If you have already paid Nexus for MX assistance, you will continue to be supported by REC Networks. REC has your engineering paperwork and access to your CDBS (FCC filing system) account.  REC will continue to follow through your application and will file your amendment application at the appropriate time.   REC will be contacting each affected MX applicant via e-mail to advise of new contact/servicing processes as a result of the loss of Nexus.

If you had paid for RECnexus services and equipment from Nexus and you need support on the equipment:

Unfortunately, REC can not provide any support on any line of business marketed by Nexus nor can we speak for Nexus.  We would have to refer you back to Nexus for handling. 

If you have a billing dispute for services provided through RECnexus:

Unfortunately, REC can not provide any support on any line of business marketed by Nexus nor can we speak for Nexus.  We would have to refer you back to Nexus for handling. 


If any LPFM licensees, permittees or applicants need new engineering services including:

  • MX “bail out” services,
  • MX settlement assistance,
  • Minor channel changes and/or moves,
  • Displacement/reduced interference channel changes,
  • Form 319 (post construction) filing,
  • Existing FM translators

Please contact REC directly via e-mail ( or through the “Contact REC Networks” link on the REC Networks website (   Services will be billed and collected directly through REC (where you will be a customer of REC and not another company).

On behalf of REC, we wish Leo Ashcraft and the sales staff at Nexus Broadcast the best of luck with any future endeavors they will encounter and perhaps the “small world” theory will be a reality and we will work again someday. 

More information will follow.  For now, please follow our various communications channels:

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