Dismissals and minor moves eliminates over 100 MX groups

Since the FCC's original announcement of the groups of mutually exclusive (MX) LPFM applications, the FCC has allowed applicants to make minor changes that involve physical moves of less than 5.6 kilometers and changes in channel to the first, second or third adjacent as well as the intermediate frequency channels (10.6/10.8 MHz) as well as dismissals triggered by both application discrepencies as well as at the request of the applicants, the number of active MX groups, as tracked by REC has reduced from 417 to 316. 

The largest MX group, the Los Angeles 101.5 MegaGroup has reduced from 32 to 27 applicants.  Of those, two of those applicants have been dismissed and are currently in the 30-day reconsideration period.  


You're now granted... don't get scammed...

When you filed your application with the FCC your information including your e-mail address goes into a database.  This database can be freely downloaded.  It is the database that drives all of the REC broadcast tools. 

If your application has been granted, you may have noticed that you have started to receive some interesting e-mails from vendors trying to sell you products and services.  While many of these offerings are legitimate, please be on the watch out for products and services that are either illegal or things you do not need.

LPFM Transmiters


LPFM FAQ - revised March 12, 2014

Here are some recently asked questions and other trivial bits about LPFM. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

I did not file during the October/November 2013 window, can I still get an LPFM station?
Not at this time. We do not know when the next filing window for new LPFM stations will be. The one before this one was 13 years prior but we feel there may be a lot less time between windows this time.


FCC rescinds several LPFM grants in MS, FL, AL and SC

The FCC has recently rescinded (cancelled) the grants of fourteen LPFM construction permits in the southern states and returned those applications to pending status.  

An REC evaluation of these applications has shown that many of these applications contained information that may have been forged including siguatures, notary seals and articles of incorporation.  Some applications may have other issues such as incomplete party and NEPA compliance (radio frequency radiation worksheet) issues.

Since these applications have not been dismissed, they can still be amended.  Even if they are dismissed, a Petition for Reconsideration can be filed within 30 days of dismissal and a one time opportunity to correct defects can be made.  

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