REC launches fcc.today and fccdata.org

LogoREC Networks has launched two new tip jar-based websites designed for the broadcast engineering and legal communities as well as the hobbyist community.  

fcc.today is a refresh and rebrand of the former "Today at the FCC" functionality on the REC website.  fcc.today is a near real-time, self-refreshing website that shows all of the FCC actions on radio and television broadcast applications within 10 minutes of the Commission making a decision.  Recently decided applications are highlighted on the page.  

fcc.today also includes the FCC Media Bureau news feeds.  We will work on more features for this site in the future. 

fcc.today takes advantage of the recently expanded ICANN top level domains.  Therefore, the full URL for the site is http://fcc.today ..  No dot-com or dot-net..  just http://fcc.today


REC releases a new version of Broadcast Query

REC has made its first major update of the Broadcast Query Tool (available at recnet.net) this year. 

Some of the major updates and changes in this release include:


FCC denies LPFM application for pirate operations

Today, based on Informal Objections filed by Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, licensee of first adjacent channel WKZM, Sarasota, FL and LPFM applicant Palm Harbor Radio (who was subsequently granted the same channel 30 km away and is now licensed as WZIG-LP), the FCC has dismissed the application for WKMJ Radio Live The People Station, Inc. (Facility ID 194483, BNPL-20131107AAI) to serve Pinellas Park, FL.


Withdrawals of Guel IOs ~ REC clarifies process / Clientes de HCCN ~ REC proceso aclara

Updated March 9 (to address recent FCC actions on "forfeited" and "inactive" corporations).

REC clarifies the processes and the qualifications for which we will agree to withdraw our Informal Objections against applications that were filed through the organization known at the time as Hispanic Christian Community Network headed by Antonio Cesar Guel.  

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