Reminder: To "clients" of/Para los "clientes" de Hispanic Christian Community Network (HCCN)

REC is reaching out again to potential clients of Antonio Cesar Guel and Hispanic Christian Community Network.  

First of all, we would like to state that our objection to the applications that were assisted by HCCN was not related to race or religion but due to the fact that 249 applications were filed with similar information and many appeared to be from organizations that were "manufactured" just prior to the filing of the application.  


myLPFM April 2014 release

REC is issuing a very long overdue release for myLPFM.  

Server migration

myLPFM is the first of several REC services that will be migrating to a cloud-based service.  For the past few years, the broadcast services tools as well as some of the backend support tools for J1 Radio have been operating off of slow servers on site at REC.  This change will put the tools on faster equipment.  Our testing has shown significant improvements in response time.  The DNS changes have already been put in and it may take up to 48 hours for these changes to propagate through the internet.  


Dismissals and minor moves eliminates over 100 MX groups

Since the FCC's original announcement of the groups of mutually exclusive (MX) LPFM applications, the FCC has allowed applicants to make minor changes that involve physical moves of less than 5.6 kilometers and changes in channel to the first, second or third adjacent as well as the intermediate frequency channels (10.6/10.8 MHz) as well as dismissals triggered by both application discrepencies as well as at the request of the applicants, the number of active MX groups, as tracked by REC has reduced from 417 to 316. 

The largest MX group, the Los Angeles 101.5 MegaGroup has reduced from 32 to 27 applicants.  Of those, two of those applicants have been dismissed and are currently in the 30-day reconsideration period.  


You're now granted... don't get scammed...

When you filed your application with the FCC your information including your e-mail address goes into a database.  This database can be freely downloaded.  It is the database that drives all of the REC broadcast tools. 

If your application has been granted, you may have noticed that you have started to receive some interesting e-mails from vendors trying to sell you products and services.  While many of these offerings are legitimate, please be on the watch out for products and services that are either illegal or things you do not need.

LPFM Transmiters

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