FCCdata.org general improvements and fixes

As a part of “catching up” from the overdue work that had to be put off as a result of the 2023 LPFM Filing Window, REC has made the first in what may be a series of enhancements and bug fixes to FCCdata.org. 

The following changes were made on Saturday, February 10, 2024:

FCC FM/TV/AM Facility Records

Call sign history on FCC broadcast facility records are now appearing again.  The issue was caused by a change in the FCC LMS data structure.  Call sign history records will now show the system which provided in the information including CDBS, LMS and RHP for the REC Radio History Project.  Made some additional enhancements in this area.

Renamed “Translators” section to “Translators/Boosters/Satellites” to better represent the data that is displayed in this area.

On FM and TV engineering details, Antenna Structure Registration Number is now shown.

Fixed an issue that was causing multiple entries to show for the same application version in the TV application history. 

In Application History, consummation notices will no longer be listed by default.  If the facility has consummation notices, a notice will appear after the history list to advise of how many consummation notices are on the facility record and provides a link if you wish to view these notices using the classic display method.  If consummation notices are displayed, there will be a link to re-disable the notices again from the Application History display.

We have put in the first phase of very long overdue updating the name searching functionality to using CDBS as a source to using LMS and eLMS.  For desktop users, the following party searches now available:

  • Search by licensee/permittee name (based on eLMS facility data).
  • Search by application certifier (signatory) (based on LMS application data).
  • Search by legal contact (based on LMS application data).
  • Search by technical contact (based on LMS application data).

Additional search modes will be added soon.  

Party searching has been temporarily discontinued for mobile users for FCC broadcast facility records.  We are planning an eventual revamp of the mobile popout menu.  We note that mobile was not supporting application certifier, legal or technical contacts before today’s changes. 

Saturday, February 10, 2024
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