REC Networks system update release 2018.12.05

The following changes were made inside the REC Universe for release on December 5, 2018:


REC backend processes:

Changed the update method of Mexico (IFT) from manual to semi-automatic.  Manually launched back-end scripts will obtain engineering data from the IFT and parse that data into tables for FM, AM and TV.  Some additional information that is not in those tables and files will still need to be manually entered by REC however a majority of the information is now in the IFT-provided data.   The manual items include:

  • FCC facility ID cross-references
  • AM nighttime power and antenna modes.
  • FM IBOC status
  • For FM stations, related or former AM call signs and frequencies.

FCC facility ID cross references and nighttime data has been added for all AM stations nationwide as well as facility IDs for most FM stations within the border coordination zone (approx. 320 km of the border).  Not all FM facilities within the border zone have a FCC Facility ID however these facilities are in the FCC data as allotments.

Because of the new method of obtaining data, most of the datapoints for each IFT station are now available on a nationwide basis. 

For Mexican (IFT) AM stations, daytime contours are now being displayed in the maps.

IFT FM former AM callsign and frequency data is currently available for about 50% of the country.  This is a manual project that will be completed at a later date as is the adding of IBOC indicators.

The FCC dialscape for communities within about 400 km of the border will now also show the Mexican data from the IFT below the FCC data similar to how we are displaying Canada on the US/FCC dialscape.  Likewise, Mexico dialscapes within 400 km of the US border will also show the dialscape based on FCC data.

The FCC dialscape will now show additional Mexican FM allotments that have not been assigned a FCC Facility ID.  Unlike other facilities, these facilities will show the frequency but it will not link to anything since there is no facility-ID number in the FCC systems for that allotment. 

Added new support for IFT FM "complementary" stations (similar to USA translators or boosters).  Currently, there are only 3 FM stations in Mexico that have complementary facilities.

Repaired maps on FCC FM station records (including foreign stations) without any ERP or height to show just a placemark at the location shown in the record.  Most of these are allotments reported to the FCC.  Please note that powers, locations and classes of Mexican facilities may differ in the IFT and FCC records.  One (the Mexican record) is what the IFT has authorized and the other (the FCC record) is the international agreement between the IFT and the FCC.

A few cosmetic issues in the IFT and FCC presentations still need to be addressed.

myLPFM v2

Reject Report now displays the community names of vacant Mexican and Canadian allotments.