FCC eliminates Morse Code requirements for all Amateur license classes

The FCC has issued a press release announcing that the Morse Code proficiency test is no longer required to obtain an Amateur Radio license at any class. In the past, only the Technician class license was available without the code. The change will take effect 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.

In the past, REC has taken a "slow code" approach where the 5WPM code would still be endorsed for the Amateur Extra class license.

In a statement, REC Networks' Michelle Eyre, K7REC stated: "While we are disappointed that the FCC did not retain the code as a part of the Extra class license as that license class is supposed to represent the highest knowledge of Amateur knowledge, we feel that the elimination of the code will encourage people, especially those who are school-age to consider electronics and similar fields of interest. Not only will this grow the Amateur population, but it will allow those with the knowledge or interest in the field to focus more time on studying electronics and RF theory and less time dwelling on the code. REC will support the Commission's decision."