eLMS: LPFM CP, Alaska Class D CP, Restoration of Licensed Operation, Program & Equipment Test

Updated code and tables in eLMS to facilitate:

  • LPFM original construction permits (CPL) and amendments (CPLA).
  • NCE Class D in Alaska original construction permits (CPD) and amendments CPDA).
  • Restoration of Licensed Operation (RST).
  • Equipment Test Operation Notiifcation (ETO).
  • Program Test Authority Notification (PTS).

This reflects the LMS handling of these application types.  These application types will have full eLMS coverage.   A mass run will be scheduled to transition previously filed CPD/CPDA applications already in LMS (including those migrated from CDBS to LMS).  Previous CPL/CPLA applications are already designated as such in eLMS.  

REC will examine the other new LMS application types on a future release.


Sunday, July 30, 2023
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