LPFM Dinged $3K for Antenna Violation

Triggered by a complaint, the FCC has issued a Forfeiture Order to Power Radio Corportation, licensee of KXPW-LP in Georgetown, TX.

The $3,000 dinger was as a result of KXPW-LP violating 73.875(c) of the rules when it replaced a 3-bay antenna with a 4-bay antenna without filing an FCC Form 319 within 10 days.

Power claimed that they did not know that they had to contact the FCC with such a change and that the violation was "minor". The FCC disagreed stating that when a station fails to file a 319, it can endanger public safety if stations do not comply with radiofreqency radiation guidelines.

Power claimed an inability to pay, however the FCC refused to adjust the forfeiture based on information from the corporation's 2003 federal tax return.