FCCdata: Display of AM facilities


FCC AM facility records are not properly displaying in FCCdata.  When the default facility page is retrieved (not narrowed down to a speciifc application), no current engineering record shows on the left side thus not creating a map on the right side.   While the current facility record does show in the application history, it does not show an engineering record on the left, even collapsed. 


The issue resulted in AM records showing in the eLMS applist_am table with an engineering data flag set to "no". 

We have identified nearly 24,000 records in the CDBS table am_ant_sys that sets the hours_operation field as "X" and may or may not contain any engineering information.  The CDBS Code Table does not show a definition for and hours_operation of "X".  We believe this was the root cause of the issue.


During the morning run, a program is run to read the CDBS data and convert it into the data used in the eLMS applist_am table.  FCCdata uses that applist_am table in order to build the application lists on both the left and right side.  We have modified the morning run AM App List program to disregard any records from am_ant_sys where the hours_operation field value is "X".  We did a manual run of the AM App List program and now records that were previously defective are now displaying correctly. 


Tuesday, August 2, 2022
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
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