REC advises Southern CA 105.5 LPFM applicants and licensed station KWBB-LP of a major encroachment

Minor change by KXRS Hemet puts 105.5 out of business.

On February 11, 2004, the FCC has accepted for filing an application by KXRS in Hemet that is making a minor change that will move the transmitter location significantly closer to San Bernardino as well as change the channel from Ch 289A (105.7) to 288A (105.5).

This minor change will have a significant impact on FCC MX Group #8. The new city grade contour of KXRS will create significant overlap to the service contours of all 7 proposed LPFM stations in San Bernardino. By law, these stations will cause and receive harmful interference to and from KXRS. Pending the grant of this Construction Permit, REC advises these applicants to not consider building on this channel.

The following applicants are impacted:
124399 - San Bernardino - Universal Church
123735 - Redlands - First United Pentacostal Church
123572 - San Bernardino - Central City Lutheran Mission
123908 - Fontana - Redeeming Grace
124730 - San Bernardino - Calvary Chapel
124802 - San Bernardino - Pumalo Assoc

None of these applicants will be able to change channels at their current locations. While some applicants could have also selected 94.3, the FCC has already accepted for filing an MX group of 2 on this channel in the same area. One of the applicants is the subject of an REC Petition to Deny.

Warning to KWBB-LP

The KXRS application does not propose a city grade contour into the Big Bear Lake area however KWBB may suffer additional interference from this change. KWBB-LP may need to demonstrate non-interference under ยง73.809(b) of the rules.

Another singleton application Ministero Palabra Vida in Corona is outside the city grade contour of KXRS but may receive significant interference from KXRS.

Even though KXRS is permitted to make this change under the law, applicants have up to 30 days from 2/11/2004 to file a Petition to Deny.