Statement of REC Networks regarding FCC Report to Congress on LPFM Interference

Statement in support of the FCC report to Congress.

REC supports the FCC's report to Congress today stating that LPFM stations can safely operate on third adjacent channels utilizing the interference resolution procedures established in the original LPFM rules.

REC agrees with the FCC that the second study on the economic impact on incumbent broadcasters due to LPFM stations is completely unecessary based on the extremely unlikely expected cases of LPFM interference.

REC applauds our own John McCain for embracing the FCC's statement and we hope he will help expedite legislative relief of the third adjacent channel restriction.

Once third adjacent channel relief is achieved, REC feels that those applicants who were originally deadlocked due to the change of the law and who still desire to construct an LPFM station should be given the opportunity to reinstate their application while not being required to protect translator applications filed during the Great Translator Invasion.

REC will continue to support the LPFM service and we look forward to any positive changes this report to Congress may result in.