Today is REC's 19th Anniversary

From the Phone World to the Whole World.

On July 20, 1984, REC started as a commentline in the San Fernando Valley, CA. A commentline was a telephone number that you could call where you can hear people discuss issues and then you could leave a message to be heard next week. Talkradio over the phone in a way.

Over the years, REC has diversified into many different services and causes.

This last year, REC has been very busy with issues relating to Low Power FM (LPFM) broadcasting, including a major filing window and the ongoing issues around expanding access to LPFM stations by organizations across the country.

The J-Project has been busy restructuring Anime Hardcore Radio due to ongoing changes at Live365. Anime Hardcore One is currently the #2 anime station on Live365. Hardcore J is the number one Japanese Pop (JPOP) station at Live365.

As REC gets set up to celebrate it's 20 year anniversary, we have our hands full on issues such as LPFM and media concentration.

For more information on our past, see our History Page.