MyLPFM v2 19-193 preliminary enhancement

Several minor changes were made in MyLPFMv2 in order to prepare for the adoption of MB Docket 19-193.  

  • Under the new rules, minor changes for site moves may be up to 13.3 km.  A move of more than 13.3 km may be possible but it will require a contour study.
  • Indication of channels only short-spaced to FM translators has been removed.
  • Updated language on reserved band (88.1~91.9) channels that are only short-spaced to the TV station.  Under the new rules, the channel would be avaiable if concurrence is received from the affected channel 6 broadcast station or a contour study, similar to the ones that are used by FM translators is used to demonstrate a lack of intererence.  (The latter requires a waiver.)
  • Updated language on locations within the Mexico Strip Zone (are within 125 km of the border) to reflect changes in the rules that will permit stations to exceed 50 watts except in directions within 125 km of Mexico.
  • Removed functionality that throttled display of ERP in area of Mexico Strip Zone to 50 watts.


Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Systems affected: 
myLPFM v2
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