FCC.today: LMS pleadings support, CDBS pleadings improvement

To support the eventual transition of radio to LMS and to support the upcoming radio renewal cycle, FCC.today will now display pleadings (such as informal objections and petitions for reconsideration) filed in LMS in addition to those filed in CDBS.  

We have also changed the pleadings function for CDBS records where if you click on the file number, it will directly bring up the pleading instead of the main application record.  Clicking the call sign will still take you to the station's listing in FCCdata.org.

On LMS and CDBS records, clicking on the file number will take you to the pleading. 

This functionality is now active for both the desktop and mobile browser versions of FCC.today.  

Additional pleading support to FCCdata.org and denpahoso is coming soon.


Sunday, August 4, 2019
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