CAP Viewer Changes 8-21-23

Removal of Marine Weather links

As announced in July, IPAWS-OPEN no longer displays non-severe weather that is received by the National Weather Service.  

We have removed the links to marine weather as this data is no longer provided.  

Alert retention in the REC database

Previously, the following alert types were retained for 72 hours in our CAP database:

  • Wireless Emergency Alerts
  • Alerts from public safety agencies where they did not specify it as 'EAS' in IPAWS.
  • All alerts from the National Weather Service.

With this release, we are extending this retention to 30 days.  Alerts identifed as 'EAS' in IPAWS (including RMT & RWT) are retained indefinitely for now.

Expansion of alert information by state

To accommodate the new retention time, we have added a new option to the CAP Viewer where if the "by state" dropdown is used to narrow the database by state, you can now select to view either only current alerts or the last 100 alerts received.  

We are looking at adding options later that will allow access further into the retained data for information on earlier alerts.


Monday, August 21, 2023
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