Part 15: NAB Part 15 FM Transmitter Study

Here's some interesting reading. This is a report that was put out by the NAB regarding the compliance of certain Part 15 low power FM transmitter devices. These devices are used today in the consumer mainstream to transmit the audio of satellite radio receivers and MP3 players to FM radios, usually inside of a vehicle. The popularity of these devices prompted REC to create the website.

Recently, XM was in the news because they stated in their SEC filing that some of their FM transmitter designs may have been outside the Part 15 specs.

Of the devices mentioned in the report, the least complaint of the devices was the Hobbytron FM-25B which put out the strongest field strength of all of the transmitters examimed.

The transmitters which received good marks from the NAB included the Dynex DX-AC101, Griffin Technology's iTrip 9500,the Monster iCar Play AI IP FM-CH and very surprisingly, the C. Crane Model FMT (which we use two of here).

Read the entire report, with the usual NAB slant at: