REC Underwriting Acknowledgement Review: KELS-LP, Greeley, Colorado

On May 10, 2023, Plymouth Gathering, licensee of KELS-LP has been issued a Forfeiture Order for $15,000 for airing commercials.  In the previous Notice of Apparent Liability, the FCC published some of the troubling scripts.  We review each one and give some analysis. 

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse & Saloon serving up angus beef like a nine-ounce large filet mignon or the Cattlemen’s 20oz club steak. They also serve up their basic burger, mushroom burger, bronco burger, and house patty melt. And with any entree, you get combo chicken, shrimp, or rack ribs.  Banquet facilities and private rooms available.  For more information, you can call 351-7600.  Cattlemen’s Steakhouse & Saloon located at 2600 11th Street Road in Greeley.

This spot goes way to far on the menu listing with 6 items.  "And with any entrée…", the spot is solution suggesting by offering even more products on the menu.  Advising of banquet and private rooms are further solution suggestions (you can hold a banquet there).  The spot ends with a call to action ("you can call…" as opposed to "more information at.."). 

Scott’s Imports complete auto service.  Scott’s Imports has specialized in providing personalized, full service automotive repair service in Greeley since 1999.  Owner and operator Norm is staffed with automotive technicians who are all ASE certified master technicians.  Using state-of-the-art equipment.  Whether you need a new headlight or a new engine, Scott’s Imports wants to keep your vehicle running smoothly.  And when you’re ready to sell your vehicle or buy another vehicle, you can take advantage of their complete inspection service so you can buy or sell with confidence.  Open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Located at 2735 9th Avenue in Greeley.  Their phone number is 336-1484, that’s 336-1484.  

This spot is loaded with the qualitative statements including the "ASE Certified" one we talk about in the Compliance Guide.  Referring to the age of the business and "state of the art equipment" are also qualitative.  "Whether you need a new headlight or a new engine…" is solution suggesting. The solution suggesting continues with selling your vehicle.  "You can take advantage" is solution suggesting and "buy or sell with confidence" is a qualitative statement.

Gourmet Grub offering a wide variety menu to include carne asada, spicy coconut red curry lobster, chicken fried ribeye, beef tenderloin scallops, smoked pork chops, a cubano sandwich, a bison burger, a lamb burger, and a variety of soups and salads.  This is Justin, owner of Gourmet Grub located at 2118 35th Avenue. Thank you for listening to Pirate radio.  

The owner of the business should NEVER voice the announcement.  Remember, it is the station thanking the business for the donation, not a sale of time.  Also, the menu list is way too large.  Keep the lines of business to a minimum (say two, but never more than three).

Got a brand new real estate company right here in Greeley, Realty One Group, one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the country.  Erin Brady here.  Ron and I decided to partner up with Duff Knott and Liz Montoya to create Realty One in Northern Colorado.  We did this to further our involvement in the community and to help our friends and family sell their home and find their dream home.  Hi, this is Liz Montoya.  I’m really excited to introduce Realty One Group to Northern Colorado. We have over 23 agents and a combined experience of over 300 years.  Hi, this is Duff Knott with Realty One Group.  Realty One Group, we’re a national company with a local flair.  We are heavily involved in the Greeley and Northern Colorado communities, and we have recruited some of the most well-known agents.  To learn more about us, phone number (970) 573-5880, website  We’re also on Facebook.

This one comes right out of the box with an unnecessary seed plant to advise listeners that there is a new realtor in town, but then we learn that this is not the station talking, instead it is the owner.  Actually, we have more than one person talking in this spot.  A lot of qualitative statements about community involvement, while laudable, is not appropriate for underwriting acknowledgement.  The 23 agents are quantitative and the 300 years takes a deep dive into qualitative.  But wait, we have even more voices on this time sell.  References to reputation and uniqueness (a local flair, as opposed to non-local competitors) and then quantifies its size talking about it's national size and then makes a reputation reference with well-known agents.  A reference to "us" is very inappropriate.  The "us" should be the station, not the advertiser.  Remember, we are not selling time, we are saying thank you.

Hi, Warren Yoder here from Weld County Garage.  Did you know this is our 110th year in business?  We are so happy that our community has supported us for all these years.  Whether you’re in the market for a new or used car, truck, or SUV, our long-term knowledgeable staff are here and ready to serve you.  Our service department has gained the trust of our community and offers a comfortable waiting area, rental department if needed, and the quality workmanship that you count on to get you conveniently back on the road.  Weld County Garage, highway 34 and 47th Avenue in Greeley.  [jingle] I believe in Weld County Garage. 

Another time sell with an unauthorized testimonial.  We continue with qualitative references to the years in business and then some personal messages.  "Whether you are in the market" is a full-on solution suggestion and then gets qualitative again with the long-term knowledgeable staff.  Lets move forward to  even more similar violations about the service department and their qualitative crafty workmanship and then reminding the listener in that and then a solution suggestion to get you back on the road.  But then, they end it with a JINGLE.  As much as I love jingles, there's no place for it in an underwriting acknowledgement.

Hi this is Josh, owner of NYAN or Not Your Average Nerds.  Hey, we understand the importance of a well running computer.  We also understand that your time is valuable, so don’t waste your time when you have a professional nerd to help make your life easier and your computer run better.  Here’s my business partner Carlos to tell you more about what we can do.  We offer computer repair, computer support, and sales.  We work on all types of PCs, mobile devices, and tablets.  We’re not your average nerds; se habla espanol.  And remember, be nice to nerds; they just may fix your computer someday.  For more information, go to or call 460-6926, that’s 460-6926.

This one opens with the owner speaking instead of the station, another time sell.  "We understand the importance…" planting the seed to the solution suggestion of not wasting time so a professional nerd can make the computer run better.  But wait, here comes another voice.  More ownership speaking and then a long menu list.   Even being more than just an average nerd is a qualitative statement.  The spot finishes with a blatant call to action "go to…".

Janet Sloan from Christian Brother’s Automotive in Greeley, located near St. Michael’s off highway 34.  My husband Jeff and I, along with our team, find great satisfaction in serving you in our auto repair shop.  In fact, it brings us great joy knowing our service keeps your car safely on the road.  This summer, we hope that you can experience the joy of serving others right here in our community of Greeley.  At Christian Brothers, our summer of service campaign, provides a simple way for you to give back to our community.  Now through August 31st, simply donate $15 dollars cash to the Genesis Project of Northern Colorado and we take $30 off your repair bill. You will find more information about the Genesis Project on the website  For more information, 970-795-CARS, on the web  The volunteers at the Genesis Project thank you in advance, and we look forward to serving you and your family soon.

Here we go with more owner testimonials and time selling.  Not good.  Inducements left and right... "find great satisfaction in serving you", "knowing our service keeps your car…" and "serving others right here…".  Then pricing information is given out and the donation borders third party fundraising (remember, the station is interrupting programming to play this announcement).  Let's end it with another inducement "we look forward to serving you and your family too."

And I know how important it is for a home to have a properly working garage door.  Here at Grizzly Garage Door, we also fix or repair windows, storm doors, and entry doors.  At Grizzly Garage Door, we are not just sponsoring Pirate radio, we are also fans of the most wonderful music ever recorded.  I am Todd Zubia of Grizzly Garage Door, phone number 301-2317, that’s 301-2317.

Another testimonial/time sale that leads off with a huge seed plant ("how important it is for a home to have…").  Saying that you support the station does not excuse you from a non-station voice doing the message. 3616 W. 10th Street in the Bittersweet Plaza has over 5000 pet products to include food, treats, toys, leashes, and a new state-of-the-art grooming studio, private self-wash suites, and a 4000 square food daycare center.  It was Tail Waggers, now it’s The Dog Pawlour, at 3616 West 10th Street, in the Bittersweet Plaza.

Quantification ("over 5,000 pet products"), solution suggestions (grooming and self-wash) and qualitative ("4,000 square foot daycare center").  I will allow the name change, but I would have said "The Dog Pawlour, formerly Tail Waggers".   Giving the name of the plaza does border on qualitative. I would avoid it.

Roma Restaurant, “I wanna make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse”.... Offers like spaghetti Tuesday, bottle of wine Wednesday, and cannolis Thursdays.  For details, go to, and remember Roma Restaurant has three locations to serve you – Roma Windsor, Roma West in Greeley, and Roma’s Restaurant in Evans at 3625 23rd Avenue.  Whether you’re in the mood for homemade cannolis, meatballs, or pizza, or just some garlic bread topped with melted provolone cheese, Roma Restaurant has been serving this community for almost 30 years.  Sponsoring 104.7 Pirate radio.

We start off planting the seed with an offer you can't refuse.  Information on specials, while not giving out specific prices or discounts is still an inducement to patronize.  Three locations, very qualitative and quantitative.  Solution suggesting and references to reputation (serving the community for almost 30 years).  This commercial has it all. 

Gary Jets, owner and operator of Western Computer Support Services, wants you to know that they can help you with virus removal, hardware, computer repair, software tech support, data recovery, computer service, laptop computer repair, network computer support, and business tech support.  Western Computer Services cover any make or model of computer servers, desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, game devices, personal data assistance, and cameras, printers, and scanners.  Western Computer for all your computer needs phone 351-7118, that’s 351-7118.

Even if the station speaks, you can't pass a message on behalf of the owner.  The menu list in this one is way too long.. I mean, way too long.  Prohibited slogan (slogans can only identify, not promote..  "all of your computer needs" promotes).

Only a small percentage of the population is born with foot problems, yet 75% of Americans will experience foot problems at one time or another in their lives.  Studies show that 50% of most foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back discomfort is caused by improper shoe size.  Wearing the wrong size shoe causes the body to put undue pressure and stress on joints.  Don’t put your health in jeopardy with off-the-rack shoes, consider Florio’s where they will professionally measure the right length and width of your feet.  Mark and Brian Florio are the fourth family generation, and they carry name brands like Wolky, Clarks, Florsheim, Johnson & Murphy, and others.  You can find men sizes in six-and-a-half to 15 and women’s sizes four-and-a-half to 12, all in narrow, medium, and wide selections.  Florio’s motto is quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.  Florio’s, shoes that fit, 820 9th Street downtown Greeley, phone 352-0576.

The public service announcement about foot problems in this case is nothing more than an extra long seed plant suggesting that you need a new pair of shoes.  More seed planting when positioning that off the rack shoes are bad and that they will professional measure your feet with a qualitative statement.  Reference to reputation and quality comes into play with the fourth generation reference and quantification comes into play with all those shoe sizes and widths.  Another prohibited slogan, actually two of them at the end.

Looking for a good property manager?  You can leave the complexity of managing your investment to True Abundance Property Management.  With over 25 years of property management experience, True Abundance Property Management is up on the continuing changes of the fair housing laws and other legislation including lead-based paint and toxic mold policies.  Do you know how to interview potential tenants, taking applications, running credit or background checks?  Or how about dealing with late payments?  And what about bounced checks?  True Abundance Property Management can provide you with the latest most innovative solutions concerning all of your property’s management needs.  And now if you are looking to sell your properties or buy properties, True Abundance Property Management now can help you with your real estate needs.  True Abundance Property Management serving Windsor and Greeley and the surrounding areas, phone number 352-5732, website

Never start with a question.  That's a huge seed plant that usually leads into a solution suggestion, like this commercial does.  Then we get into references to reputation as the business has 25 years of experience and we go further into qualitative information with being up on the latest changes.  More asking questions, lots of questions.  More questions, more seed plants.  Then we get into the solution suggestions through innovative solutions and then inducing the listener to patronize if they are looking to buy or sell. 

This is Scott from Weiss Jewelers.  Have you been storing jewelry with broken clasps, prongs that need repair, or maybe a watch that needs a new battery or crystal replaced?  Maybe you’re looking to restyle some of your old jewelry or refurbish grandfather’s keepsake watch.  Make that old piece of jewelry look like new again.  Weiss Jewelers, your headquarters for all your jewelry and watch repair needs, 955 52nd Avenue Court in Greeley, or visit us on the web

Finally, we have this gem (pardon the pun).  Another time sell with a non-station voice.  Another question means another seed plant that leads to solution suggestions and referencing uniqueness (your headquarters) and we get to end this review with a flat out call to action ("visit us on the web").

Please remember to use the REC Compliance Guide for assistance in writing your underwriting copy and never ever allow someone other than a station voice to do the announcement.  Remember, the message is from the station to say "thank you".