Two RadioDNS diagnostic tools added to Toybox

The REC Toybox is a group of tools that are intended to help broadcasters and hobbyists to enhance the radio experience. 

REC has added two new tools to the Toybox:

RadioDNS Connectivity Check

This tool is a stand-alone version of the connectivity check we will be offering in myLPFM v3.1 as well as the methods used on FCCdata in order to display RadioDNS information.  

For US stations, when a call sign is entered, the system will attempt to discover the station through the RadioDNS handshake process.  If the station is found, it will display various elements from the facility's Station Information (SI) file and will perform a few diagnostics on the quality of the SI file.  This can be used to diagnose issues with a station's RadioDNS presence.  

The connectivity check is available worldwide supporting analog FM with RDS, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), AM Signalling System (AMSS) and In-Band On Channel (IBOC) digital radio, also known as HD Radio.  To check stations outside the United States, the station's technical parameters for the appropriate service are needed.

The tool is being released even though we have not been able to test DRM or AMSS connectivity, however FM/RDS. DAB and IBOC functionality has been tested and verified.

This tool can be accessed free of charge at:

RadioDNS Service Provider and Station List

Anyone can be a RadioDNS service provider by making appropriate DNS settings and hosting the logo images and the Station Information (SI) file.  This lookup tool is a list of all RadioDNS service providers in the United States.  Clicking on a service provider will show a list of all stations covered by that service provider.  

This tool can be accessed free of charge at:



Sunday, November 6, 2022
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