myLPFM: Channel Reject Report

With today's release, we now include a Channel Reject Report on all channel search report results.  The Channel Reject Report was previously in myLPFM v2.  

Users wishing to view a Channel Reject Report can make a channel search (either at the same or different location).  A link to the Channel Reject Report will appear after the display of available channels.  

The Channel Reject Report will show all 100 FM channels and if a channel is short-spaced, it will show:

  • The channel relationship (co-channel, first-adjacent, etc.)
  • The callsign or faciliy ID as well as the community of license
  • The station class
  • The distance from that station
  • The minimum distance required to comply

If a channel is available, it will acknowledge that the channel is available and will display whether a second-adjacent waiver will be needed.

To the left of each channel on the table will be a color bar that indicates the channel's status (red = not avaiilable, yellow = available but may receive incoming interference and green = channel available with no prediction of incoming interference). 

Channel 6 TV statations that do not meet the §73.825 distance separations will be shown but will not affect the outcome of the availability color bar as a §73.825 short spacing on its own does not exclude a channel from consideration. Instead, it requires the applicant to ask for a waiver based on either a contour study or through consent by the impacted Channel 6 TV station. 

The Channel Reject Report will be available to both general and client users.

REC has published a development roadmap of future myLPFM projects at:


Friday, September 30, 2022
Systems affected: 
myLPFM v3
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