FCCdata: FM associated file numbers, AM/HF application lists

Last night, we re-parsed every FM engineering related authorization issued since LMS was turned up for FM (September 25, 2019).  This was to capture the associated file number.  This file number is the previous file number in the chain of applications.  For a license to cover application, it would be the construction permit that the license application covers. For a construction permit application, it would be the underlying license file number or the construction permit that this application is modifying.   This is in preparation for new protection status functionality coming in a future release.

On eLMS FM engineering records, FCCdata will now display the associated file number with a link to the file record. (This information will only appear if the application is granted.).

For AM and HF (Shortwave), generation of the eLMS Application Lists are being converted from the legacy application list table to direct from CDBS and IBFS data.  In the past, the eLMS applist_* tables were generated from the legacy master application list.  In a previous release, we moved the Application History section of FCCdata (lower right) from the legacy table to the eLMS tables.  The AM and HF application lists will be refreshed daily.  We note though that IBFS data (for HF) in the REC Data Store is only updated weekly.  

Loaded the HFCC A21 seasonal schedule for HF.  Schedule A21 will run through 10/30/2021.  Deleted previous schedules from database.


Thursday, April 8, 2021
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
Issue type: 
Manual data update