2nd Update: LPFM and FM translators in AR, LA and MS receiving Public File e-mail reminder

REC is aware that LPFM stations and FM translator licensees in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi are receiving an e-mail blast from the FCC advising them that they need to update their Online Public Inspection File (OPIF).  Please note that LPFM stations are not required to maintain an OPIF.  FM translator licensees are also not required to maintain an OPIF for the translator (the primary station does unless it is an LPFM).  We feel that this is an error in the FCC's program and REC has notified staff.  Staff is aware of the issue.  REC has asked staff to see if a clarifying e-mail can be sent to all impacted licensees.  About an hour later, the FCC had sent an e-mail to LPFMs, FM translators and FM boosters in the affected states to remind them that they had no public file obligations and apologized for any confusion caused by the previous e-mail.

Updated 1/24/2020 @ 12:40PM ET to reflect states that received the e-mail blast.  AR, LA and MS are the states where renewal filings are currently taking place. Also updated to reflect FCC staff's response and REC's recommended course of action.

Updated 1/24/2020 @ 1:20 PM ET to reflect that the FCC has sent another e-mail to LPFMs and FM translators to advise of the erronious e-mail and to clarify that LPFM, FM translators and FM boosters are not required to load public inspection file material.

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