Statement of Michelle Bradley/REC Networks: FCC Announces Members and Working Group Chairs for ACDDE


re: FCC Announces Members and Working Group Chairs for ACDDE  (Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment)

Today, in a message to Commission stakeholders, REC Networks' founder Michelle Bradley made the following statement:

"I do find it very disappointing that there is not one person on this committee who is representing the 2,186 licensed LPFM broadcast stations, many of which provide very diverse and in many cases, localized content on the fronts of ethnicity, gender, LGBT and religion. In addition, there is no representation of independent LPFM and community based full-service noncommercial educational (NCE) broadcasters at the upcoming symposium on the broadcast industry.

Across the country, community-focused secular and faith-based LPFM stations as well as smaller full-service NCE stations are providing unique and localized content not available elsewhere on the dial or even in the larger media landscape.  Its time for these thousands of broadcast licensees to be taken seriously and properly represented at the Commission as members of the media landscape."

Michelle Bradley, CBT
REC Networks

ABOUT REC NETWORKS: REC Networks is an unincorporated entity owned and operated by Michelle Bradley.  Since 1984, REC has been providing information, entertainment and support which today, includes regulatory advocacy related to spectrum access, especially for community broadcasting.  REC also provides programming for J1 Radio, a Canada-based cluster of internet radio stations providing Japanese-language entertainment world-wide and one English-language network, REC-FM.

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