NCE 2021 Filing Window: Opportunities for Hawaii


About the green dots

Each green dot signifies an area where there is at least one Reserved Band channel that is:

  • Outside of the 40 dBu interfering contour of any co-channel Reserved Band station,
  • Outside of the 54 dBu interfering contour of any first-adjacent channel Reserved Band station,
  • Outside of the 60 dBu protected contour of any second or third-adjacent channel Reserved Band Station, and
  • Meets the minimum distance separation required under §73.207 in respect to commercial FM stations on 92~108.

A dot on a location does not mean a channel is available

Instead, if the desired site is in an area that has a dot, then you may wish to check the REC NCE Search for potential channels. You can verify your findings with REC or the consultant of your choice. It is important to remember that the channel still needs to be checked for availabilty based on actual contour overlap. It's also important to remember that in full-service radio, directional antennas are much more complicated and very directional antennas, like the ones used for FM translators may not be used. Antennas must give a specific minimum power (-15 dB) in all directions compared to the peak power of the station. Areas that show with a small cluster of dots may not have availability where areas with a large cluster of dots will have a better chance for availability, especially if the proposed station location is deep inside of that cluster. Even inside of these clusters, availability and power levels may be limited on a per channel basis.

In other words, if you are looking in an area without any green dots, then a channel is not likely available.

Pretty much, all areas surrounding the 100 major media markets are unavailable.

If you have any questions regarding NCE or you are interested in filing in the window, please contact REC Networks at 844-732-5736.

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