"Look For The Label!" Make sure that transmitter is certified.

LPFM Look for the certification label.STATEMENT OF REC NETWORKS, August 20, 2019:

The recent situation at KLIE-LP has drawn attention to the unique aspect of the LPFM rules where a lab-tested certified transmitter model is required in the service. 

The certification requirement dates back to the 1990s prior to the establishment of the LPFM service with the surge of pirate radio operations that took place following the passage of the Telecom Act of 1996 which opened the door for the relaxing of the national ownership rules.  The certification requirement was to assure that unstable pirate equipment was not used in the licensed service.  It also assured that older equipment which may be more vulnerable of going out of tolerance without the knowledge of station staff, many whom may be inexperienced broadcasters, would cause interference inside or outside of the FM band with the latter putting safety of life communications at risk.  With the recent proliferation of imported transmission equipment being sold on sites such as Amazon.com and Ebay, there is still a continued concern over uncertified equipment being used in the licensed service.

Every transmitter model that has been lab-tested and certified for LPFM use will have a label that reads "FCC ID" and then a code. A transmitter without that label may be subject to enforcement action which could include forfeitures.   REC is calling on all LPFM stations to self-inspect their transmitter to assure that there is a "FCC ID" label and to use the FCC's Equipment Authorization Search (http://fcc.gov/eas) to verify that the "FCC ID" is valid.  A transmitter that is advertised as Part 73 "type accepted" or "verified" does not necessarily mean the unit is certified for use with LPFM. 

REC Networks has a list of models of FM transmitters for which a "FCC ID" exists and therefore would be certified for use by LPFM stations in accordance with the terms of their station license.  This list can be found at https://recnet.com/certified.


REC is not commenting on the specific case surrounding KLIE-LP other than to say that we are working with all parties involved.


About REC:
Founded in 1984, REC Networks is major adovcate of spectrum access by the common citizen with a strong focus on the Low Power FM broadcast service and other spectrum issues at the Federal Communications Commission.  More information about REC Networks and our outreach to LPFM stations can be found at https://recnet.com. 

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