FAQ: Does an organization need to be more than 2 years old in order to file in the LPFM window?

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No, it doesn't. 

However, organizations that were established less than 2 years (720 days) prior to the close of the LPFM window will not be able to claim the "established community presence" point.  This means that the application will  only be able to claim up to 4 points that will put the application at a disadvantage over the 5 point applicants.

Please note that the FCC does consider the date the organization was incorporated with the state's Secretary of State (or equivalent) as the starting date to determine the two years local presence.   For example, even if a group of people have been performing like an organization since 2004, if they did not file their incorporation until 2022, they would not be considered as an established local organization for a filing window in 2023.   They can still file an application in the window but they cannot claim the "established community presence" point.



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Friday, June 23, 2023