General Data Protection Regulation (European Union)

The following information pertains to REC Properties that are accessed from nations within the European Union.

As of May 19, 2018, "REC Properties" include the following domain names:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and may not include domains that are subsequently implemented.

The GDPR is an extensive document that addresses internet privacy for those located in the European Union.  While REC does not have any business relationships within the EU, REC's web services (including audio streaming) are accessible from the EU and does have some appeal to internet users in the EU.  

Some interpretations of the GDPR have considered the internet protocol (IP) address as sensitive identifying information.  In the general nature of web servers, REC does collect the IP address that is used to access a web service. This can be used to address system abuses and is a part of general system administration.  For audio streaming services such as J1, J1xtra, J1 Gold, a-chan, J1 Info and REC-FM, the IP address is used to identify abuses (such as "hang-ons", "stream rippers" and multiple attempts to access the same stream) as well as to identified the city, province and country that a listener is located in order for us to measure basic demographics of our listener base and no other supporting personal data (such as user's name) is collected from internet users in the European Union.  REC does collect personal data from users of REC EZforms that can be associated with an IP address however, EZ forms is used only by broadcast licensees and permittees of stations in the United States.  It is unlikely that EZforms will be accessed from within the EU for a US broadcast client. 

The website uses Facebook for user comments.  The personal identifying information is not passed to REC.   For more information on Facebook's GDPR policies, visit: