REC Networks launches Mastodon instance:

REC Networks has launched a new Mastodon instance, will be a small scale Mastodon instance that is open to:

  • Official station pages of LPFM stations.
  • Official station pages of small NCE stations (non-commercial stations with annual revenues of less than $100,000)
  • Individuals who are directly engaged in the operation of LPFM or small NCE stations.
  • Consultants, attorneys, engineers and advocates that directly support LPFM and small NCE stations. will also be used as the official Mastodon voice of REC Networks, J1 Radio and Delmarva FM.  

The instance will also soon be the Mastodon home of "bots" operated by REC supporting J1 Radio, Delmarva FM and REC's EAS awareness efforts.

Currently, we are starting to obtain links to the "Fediverse", which allows content from other Mastodon instances to be visible on  Users may use their address in order to follow other Mastodon users on other Mastodon sites. 

Mastodon is a decentralized social media network that has many of the same looks and feels of Twitter and is seen by some as the "Twitter alternative".  Awareness and utilization of Mastodon has increased since the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk.  

The addition of Mastodon to REC's family brings REC back full circle to our creation in 1984, when REC started as a pre-recorded "comment" based telephone entertainment line in the Los Angeles area.  This would eventually evolve into voice-based interactive systems (early forms of voice mail) that were public in nature. In many ways, the REC interactive voice systems were some of the early social networks.  

While does have strict rules in regards to hate speech originating from our instance, we note that imported content from other Mastodon sites that may appear on may not follow these standards.  Opinions expressed on are those of who posted them and not those of REC Networks.  We will address messages posted from problematic Mastodon servers as the need arises. 

For now, REC is recommending that all stations use their station email address to sign up for an official station presence.  Individuals involved with the station should use their personal emails to apply.  This is because Mastodon limits each email address to only one account. 

We look forward to seeing where this service goes.  

There is no charge to use this Mastodon instance and the service is available for all qualified stations regardless of REC client status.  We do note that this undertaking does cost us money and any support to REC's efforts, either through donation or through using REC for services would be appreciated. 

We hope the LPFM and other small station community appreciates our Christmas present to the community in 2022.  We look forward to seeing this work out and we wish you all a merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year!