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SXM-8 Satellite Is Now Serving SiriusXM

Radio World - 1 hour 44 min ago
Maxar and SiriusXM employees pose with SXM-8 ahead of encapsulation in the fairing or nose cone of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket in Cape Canaveral, Fla. (Courtesy Maxar).

Another new satellite serving SiriusXM has completed orbital testing and has been handed over to the company, according to SiriusXM and manufacturer Maxar Technologies.

“SXM-8 will provide continuous, reliable delivery of SiriusXM’s audio entertainment and information services to consumers in the United States and will expand SiriusXM’s coverage area in Canada and the Caribbean,” according to an announcement.

It was launched from Florida in June. A similar new bird went up late last year.

The new satellites have expected service lives of 15 years; they replace XM-3 and XM-4 in the company’s total service constellation of six satellites.

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SXM-8 is the ninth high-powered, digital, audio radio satellite built by Maxar for SiriusXM,” the companies announced.

“Built on Maxar’s 1300-class platform and designed to provide more than 15 years of service, SXM-8 is more than 27 feet tall and weighed nearly 7,000 kg at launch. SXM-8 has a large, mesh, unfurlable reflector almost 30 feet in diameter that will allow SiriusXM programming to reach its radios, including those in moving vehicles.”

The announcement was made by Maxar’s Senior Vice President of Space Programs Delivery Chris Johnsn and SiriusXM’s Senior Vice President of Satellite and Repeater Systems Engineering and Operations Bridget Neville.

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Univision Adds To Its Streaming Leadership Team

Radio+Television Business Report - 2 hours 7 min ago

On June 21, Univision Holdings unveiled its plans for what it calls “a comprehensive global streaming service” that includes both free ad-supported and premium subscription-based options.

With a 2022 launch planned for the U.S. Hispanic market and across Latin America, the Miami-based multimedia company has moved forward with the addition of four VPs who will work under President and Chief Transformation Officer Pierluigi Gazzolo in the buildout of Univision’s pan-Latin streaming business.

The two-tier streaming service, which is yet unnamed, will offer “a differentiated product proposition, vast content scope, expansive library and more Spanish-language originals than any other streaming service,” Univision said in June. It will incorporate content found on its PrendeTV platform, which will anchor the ad-supported tier. Content found on Univision’s VIX and Univision NOW services is expected to be “transitioned and unified into one global service and brand.”

At the same time, Univision’s new premium subscription tier (SVOD) will feature more than 6,000 hours of Spanish-language content and more than 30 original productions exclusively on the service within its first year, Univision said in June.

Now, with the blockbuster merger of Mexico City-based Televisa with Miami-headquartered Univision Communications on track for a late 2021 close, Gazzolo will now have the following individuals reporting to him, starting Monday (8/2):

  • Augusto Rovegno, VP/Acquisitions and SVOD Programming.

    In this capacity, Rovegno will be responsible for sourcing and acquiring tentpole content for both the AVOD and SVOD tiers. He will also be responsible for developing original films, curating and programming for the SVOD tier. Rovegno previously served in various roles at Netflix, leading the original film development as well as the licensing and co-production of Spanish-language films and TV series. Rovegno reports to recently hired EVP and GM of SVOD Streaming Rodrigo Mazon.

  • Cameron Carr, EVP/Data and Insights, Streaming
  • Mariela Stescobich, SVP/Marketing, User Growth and Retention for AVOD.

    Carr joins from NerdWallet, where he served as VP of Data Science & Analytics. He will oversee the Data Analytics functions for all Univision Streaming including AVOD and SVOD and all other digital platforms.

    Stescobich will be tasked with driving customer acquisition and retention for PrendeTV including the future global AVOD tier as well as other ad-supported digital tiers. Joining from Hulu and Fox, she will leverage her streaming and media expertise to grow Univision’s ad-supported digital customer base.

    Both Carr and Stescobich will report to EVP and GM of AVOD Streaming Rafael Urbina.

  • Daniel Sanders, SVP/Engineering of Streaming.

    Sanders will oversee the development of streaming technology platforms and services. During his career in digital media he has designed, built and operated multiple high-scale media platforms and led innovative engineering teams, including for Sony’s Crackle, Verizon’s Uplynk, and  ViacomCBS’s PlutoTV. He will report to EVP of Product & Engineering and Streaming Michael Cerda.

Gazzolo commented, “I am immensely proud of the strides we have taken thus far in Univision’s streaming evolution, including building an innovative platform, engaging renowned creators and setting the foundation for what will be the largest offering of Spanish-language content globally. I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome these industry professionals who are now part of our streaming dream team, at this pivotal point in Univision’s transformation. Each of them brings a unique perspective that will strengthen our position as a global streaming leader.”

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Thum+Mahr Partners With Wolftech

Radio World - 3 hours 54 min ago
A Wolftech News user screen

Thum+Mahr announced a partnership with Wolftech Broadcast Solutions.

The agreement focuses on Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland at the outset.

“In the first step, we will shape customer-specific workflows together,” said Thum+Mahr Chief Strategy Officer Stefan Mertens. “By implementing targeted SaaS solutions, we can now act even more effectively.”

Wolftech has expertise in software as a service and media management systems, among other things. It was founded in 2011 in cooperation with TV 2 Norway, which has acted as a “startup hub” for several companies. Arne Berven is CEO.

Thum+Mahr services include consulting, project management and IT integration for broadcast media. “We will distribute Wolftech’s solutions and they can count on us if they need consulting or project management know-how to work together,” a Thum+Mahr spokeswoman said.

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Workbench: How About Some PM for This AM?

Radio World - 6 hours 12 min ago
Checking the turns-counter on the phasor. Write down the indications for each control before you begin your work.

If you maintain an AM directional, why not put the summer sunshine to good use and perform a little preventive maintenance (PM)?

With your transmitter off the air and the breakers and interlock in place to prevent re-energizing, use a strong LED flashlight to view the variable coil and capacitor couplings from the back of the phasor. Remember before you begin to copy down all the turns-counter indications for each control as shown in the photo.

Then while your assistant rocks the component crank from side to side, check to make sure the couplings are tight so the variable coil or capacitor rotates smoothly.

I can’t tell you how many phasors our crew was called in to readjust because the setscrews holding the crank coupling to the component had become loose, so even though the engineer had turned the crank, one turn only adjusted the component by a half or even a third of a turn.

[Check Out More of Workbench Here]

In such a case, you can see how quickly you can get a phasor mistuned. When these setscrews are loose, there’s no consistency in how much the component is adjusted as the crank is turned.

The process isn’t a time hog and may save you hours of readjustment. While you’re inside the phasor, tighten all other strap and tubing connections.


In the May 8 Workbench, I referred to selecting tower electrical connections “metrically.” Tom Weber, a principal in Weber Broadcast Services out of Greenwood, Ind., points out that I should have written “decimally,” as in tenths of an inch.

He’s right; metrically would assume millimeters or centimeters, which we are not using. We are converting inches to a decimal equivalent!

Tom concluded his note, “Yours in pedantry.” The sign of a great engineer!


Parts Is Parts
If you’ve recently needed to buy any broadcast gear, or for that matter any electronics, you may have encountered delivery delays caused by a parts shortage. The worldwide situation is causing problems for a lot of suppliers, so keep that in mind as you plan late summer or fall projects.

To complicate things, Workbench contributors Paul Sagi and Charles “Buc” Fitch, P.E., both reminded us of a related problem: counterfeit parts, including circuit breakers.

Shown, a Square-D QO circuit breaker. Counterfeiting of CBs is a real problem; manufacturers like Schneider Electric have tried to raise awareness of the issue.

For example Square-D, part of Schneider Electric, which is headquartered in France, makes Homeline and QO circuit breakers in Mexico; but for various reasons the opportunity for counterfeiting such material is immense.

Also be aware that used and harvested circuit breakers, especially larger, more expensive ones above 60 amps, are out there in the marketplace. Most of these were rejected because of trip problems; they may be touched up cosmetically, perhaps with new lug screws to remove tooling marks, and then sold as new.

The problem extends all the way through replacement parts in a variety of industries. In the communications business, RF transistors are especially subject to international counterfeiters.

Paul and Buc have both seen reports of numbers being stripped from similar solid-state device packages. Unfortunately these look-alikes are of insufficient capability and do not meet the high-performance specs of the number now imprinted on the device. The cheaper chips are then sold at a premium price, realizing profits of 400% or more. Profits can be even higher if the substitute device is not even an RF transistor or a “pull” or dud, none of which will meet spec.

Many entities cooperate in these crimes and profit from them. Because so much manufacturing is now done outside of North America, the provenance of parts can be very iffy. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. Save yourself the frustration and buy your parts from reputable dealers.

Here are helpful resources on the counterfeiting of circuit breakers. At, scroll down to “How to spot fake circuit breakers.” Or Google “Identifying Counterfeit Square-D Circuit Breakers” and look for the result that points to

Last, Schneider Electric has a page dedicated to awareness and action against counterfeits. “We take counterfeiting of our products seriously and pursue every means possible to stop this illegal activity while making the industry and public more aware of this critical safety concern,” it states. See


Poof! Soundproofing!
In his engineering career, Dan Slentz has used a variety of soundproofing materials in constructing studios. But he laments that many products have gotten very expensive, forcing him to search for alternatives to keep within a budget.

One option is common mineral wool insulation, the properties of which allow for excellent sound blocking in walls, more so than fiberglass.

For studios, Dan has built double walls that do not touch but have a foam board between them. He then places mineral wool in each 2 x 4 wall. He completes the job with double sheetrock on the outside.

This can be a bear to construct, but short of bringing in a pro “acoustician,” it is a functional poor-man’s construction.

Dan has also used Troy Board (which was named after the inventor’s second son). It’s like a “shredded-wheat” board material but it’s really heavy. It can be painted, and it’s meant to block audio transfer. Check out

If you’re looking for the cheapest acoustic foam, try the Foam Factory. While its prices have increased lately, they tend to be less than those of similar products. They also vacuum-suck their product before shipping, so the packages arrive very small; the instant you cut it open, Poof!, it opens up and decompresses, taking about a day to recover fully.

Find more info at

John Bisset, CPBE, has more than 50 years in the broadcasting industry and 31 writing Workbench. He handles western U.S. radio sales for the Telos Alliance and is a past recipient of the SBE’s Educator of the Year Award.

Workbench submissions are encouraged and qualify for SBE recertification. Email


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Moran Children Spin Ramar TV Property To NBCU

Radio+Television Business Report - 6 hours 40 min ago

On February 11, 2018, the founder of Lubbock-based radio and TV station owner Ramar Communications passed away. At the time of his passing, Ramar was comprised of 16 radio and TV stations across Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

In Lubbock, Ramar’s four stations were spun in October 2020, split evening between SagamoreHill Broadcasting and Gray Television. Now, the children of Ray Moran have signed off on an Albuquerque transaction.

The buyer? NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.

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A Deep South CBS Affiliate Trades Hands

Radio+Television Business Report - 7 hours 40 min ago

In a transaction that saw Kalil & Co. as the exclusive broker, a CBS affiliate serving Meridian, Miss., is being spun.

The new owner is headed by Dr. Michael Hogan.

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House Approves Higher Public Broadcasting Funding

Radio+Television Business Report - 7 hours 40 min ago

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved $565 million in advance funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in Fiscal Year 2024.

The approved funding was included in the FY 2022 Departments of Labor, Health & Human Services, Education and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill.

“This is a historic day for public television,” said Patrick Butler, president and CEO of America’s Public Television Stations. “The House of Representatives has approved the largest increase in funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in half a century, in recognition of the extraordinary work our stations have done in America’s communities and the exciting potential for even greater service in education, public safety and civic leadership in the years to come.”

APTS is also appreciative of the recommended level funding of $20 million in FY 2022 for station interconnection, the backbone of the public broadcasting system, supporting nationwide emergency alerting, providing local stations with national programming, connecting stations with each other, and creating operational efficiencies.

It is also “very pleased” that $31.776 million, an increase of $2.276 million, in FY 2022 has been recommended for Ready To Learn, a competitive grant program at the Department of Education that supports public television’s essential work — on-air, online and on-the-ground — in early childhood education, to help build science, math and literacy skills of children between the ages of two and eight.

“America’s public television stations are ready to do more, to help revolutionize education in a post-pandemic America, to train more of America’s adults for better jobs, to provide more essential public safety communications services, to create a more well-informed citizenry that considers issues in a civil and constructive manner, and to use a portion of our licensed spectrum to do more to enhance telehealth, national security, Smart Cities connections, transportation efficiency, precision agriculture and more,” Butler said.

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SiriusXM’s Newest Satellite Aces In-Orbit Test

Radio+Television Business Report - 7 hours 40 min ago

The SXM-8 satellite has completed in-orbit testing and has been handed over to SiriusXM.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the satellite into space on June 6 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

SXM-8 is the ninth high-powered, digital, audio radio satellite built by Maxar Technologies for SiriusXM.

Built on Maxar’s 1300-class platform and designed to provide more than 15 years of service, SXM-8 is more than 27 feet tall and weighed nearly 7,000 kg at launch. SXM-8 has a large, mesh, unfurlable reflector almost 30 feet in diameter that will allow SiriusXM programming to reach its radios, including those in moving vehicles.

“We are proud of our long-standing relationship with SiriusXM and excited to see SXM-8 ready for service to bring entertainment to millions of SiriusXM subscribers,” said Chris Johnson, Maxar’s Senior Vice President of Space Programs Delivery. “The entire Maxar team is committed to excellence, and playing a role in the success of our customers’ missions is what drives us every day.”

SXM-8 will provide continuous delivery of SiriusXM’s audio entertainment and information services to consumers in the United States and will expand SiriusXM’s coverage area in Canada and the Caribbean.

Importantly, SXM-8 will extend the health of SiriusXM’s satellite fleet and its satellite-delivered services through at least 2036.

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Secrets to Super-Serving Your Audience

Radio+Television Business Report - 7 hours 40 min ago

Podcasting. It’s audio’s hottest platform as it continues to capture the ears of listeners and the attention of advertisers. And that includes Hispanic and Latino ears. A lot of ears!

According to Nielsen Power Buying data, 41% of U.S. podcast listeners are non-White with Hispanics gravitating to podcasts more than any other ethnic group. They also represent growth rate of 6x, well above the 4x rate among Whites.

How can Hispanic radio take advantage of this exploding audio platform?

Popular MSNBC American Voices weekend anchor and host of Latina to Latina podcast Alicia Menendez kicks off the 2021 Hispanic Radio Conference in a one-on-one chat with Jesus Salas, EVP of Programming and Multi-Platform Coordinator at Spanish Broadcasting System, that will deliver some of the answers.

They’ll discuss what building Latina to Latina, which launched in 2018, has taught Alicia about underserved audiences, the value of inviting listeners to be collaborators, and what it takes to reach a milestone like 1 million downloads. What she’s learned will offer invaluable insights that conference attendees can take back to their stations in developing this important audio platform. And why she believes that “everything circles back to this core idea that this is not about repurposing content. This is about understanding the medium and creating specifically for the medium.”

REGISTER NOW! Take advantage of early bird pricing and register today for the Hispanic Radio Conference. Staying in Miami? Book now for special room rates at the Intercontinental at Doral. Only a limited number of rooms available, so book NOW! We care about your safety and comfort. We have arranged to conduct the conference in a larger than usual capacity conference room at the hotel in order to provide maximum space and social distancing for those who are more comfortable spread out. And read here for how the Intercontinental has strengthened procedures designed to give you greater confidence and protection throughout all of the hotel’s facilities.
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2021 New York Festivals Radio Awards Announces Finalists

Radio+Television Business Report - 8 hours 10 min ago

New York Festivals Radio Awards has announced the 2021 Finalists.

The 2021 Radio Awards Grand Jury of creative media professionals and content creators from around the globe selected Finalists based on production values, writing, creativity, direction, achievement of purpose, and audience suitability. Entries achieving Finalist status will advance to the next round to determine gold, silver, and bronze trophies.

“Once again, this year’s Finalists in addition to appealing to their own listeners, also impressed the Grand Jury with their mastery of the audio medium.  Across all genres, they proved that radio – the original social medium – is robust and thriving.  From podcasts and audiobooks to sound art and breaking news, these talented storytellers bring the world together and engage in real time,” said Rose Anderson, VP/Executive Director of New York Festivals Radio Awards.

Global broadcasters led the way including the 2020 NYF Broadcaster of the Year, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and RTÉ Ireland, 2019 Broadcaster of the Year. Additional prominent broadcasters moving on to the medal round: BBC, CBS Radio, Bloomberg, Radio New Zealand, Westwood One, SiriusXM, ESPN, and National Radio of Argentina.

For 2021 new categories were unveiled across all genres to shine the spotlight on Social Justice. Finalists include: “How fracking could threaten Australia’s Paris target” (Australian Broadcasting Corp.), “Black Lives Matter: From Protests to Police Reform” (Westwood One), “Say Their Name” (DCP Entertainment), “Birds Eye View” (StoryProjects)”, “Racism Within” (SBS Australia), “Substantial Helen” (Bioneers Radio Series), and “Barack Obama, White Supremacy and Grace” (BBC Radio 4).

Audio Book listening saw an uptick in 2020 and a robust number of compelling Audio Book entries featuring celebrity narrators advanced including: HarperCollins Publisher’s “Mary Poppins Comes Back”, read by Academy Award winner, Olivia Colman and “The Hobbit, By J.R.R. Tolkien” read by Andy Serkis.  Penguin Random House titles moving on to the medal round include: “A Life on Our Planet” read by Sir David Attenborough, “To the Lighthouse” read by Rita Wilson, “Imaginary Fred” read by Ciarán Hinds, and “Judge Dredd: America” read by Joseph Fiennes.  Other Finalists Include: “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” Almost Tangible and “Händelser vid vatten / Backwater” Sveriges Radio.  View the complete list of 2021 Finalists.

Podcast Finalists include “Where Is George Gibney?” and “I’m Not A Monster – from BBC Panorama & FRONTLINE PBS” (BBC), “30 for 30” (ESPN), “Unlocking Bryson’s Brain” (CBC), “Nut Jobs: Cracking California’s Strangest $10 Million Dollar Heist” (Audible), “Billie Was a Black Woman“ (ViacomCBS), “The Battersea Poltergeist” (Bafflegab Productions), “Weightless” (DMC Studio Argentina),  My Home Town (Kevin Burke Productions), “The Long Lonely Lake” (Colorado Public Radio), “The Secrets In Us” (Loftus Media), “Driving the Green Book” (Macmillan Podcasts), ”Foundering” (Bloomberg), “Scales of Change: A Field Guide to the Dragons of Climate Inaction” (Future Ecologies Media), “Alligator Candy” (USG Media), “On a Mission” Season 3: To the Ends of the Earth” (NASA/JPL), “GIANT” (Spotify), and “The Debrief with Major Garrett” (CBS News Radio).

Documentaries give a voice to unique points of view, shine the spotlight on real-life events past and present, inform, educate, and captivate. Finalists include: “Fight of The Century” (TBI Media), “Digging For Fire” (RTÉ Radio 1 Extra),” Black Culture, Civil Rights and Change” (BBC Radio 4), “Stuff The British Stole” (ABC Radio Australia), “Voices from Antarctica” (Radio New Zealand), “The Sounds of America” (BMP Audio), “Love, to find beauty everywhere” (ORF), “My Favourite Things” (Curtains for Radio LTD.), “The Anti-Vax Files – BBC Trending” (BBC World Service London), “Bob Dylan: Verbatim” (Zinc Media), “In The Studio – Patrick Woodroffe: Lighting The Stars” (Magnum Opus Broadcasting), and  “Belarus : Once upon a time in the revolution” (France Inter).

Entertainment entries advanced.  Drama Finalists include: “No One Ever Asked Me That” (RTÉ Radio 1 Extra), “Miss Julie, from the balcony of ICI Première” (Radio-Canada/CBC), “The exorcism in Eksjo” (Sveriges Radio), “The Keith Urban Playlist Series 2” (TBI Media).  Music Specials moved to the medal round: “The Lyric Concert – John Lennon Special” (RTE Lyric FM), “Musicals: The Greatest Show” (TBI Media), “Get Back: The Beatles in Britain” (Somethin Else), “War & Peace and Rock & Roll” (BFBS Radio), Family Rhythms” (We Are Grape Ltd.).  Mini Series entries achieving Finalist status include: “Blockbuster: The Story of James Cameron” (Epicleff Media), “Roll Over Beethoven – A Sitcom from Old Vienna in Nine Acts” (Swiss Radio & Television), “Tous les chats sont gris” (Radio-Canada/CBC), and “Journeys In Sound” (Nemone Metaxas).

Breaking News, features, and investigative reporting captured events as they unfolded, revealed the truth about provocative topics, and unearthed critical facts from around the globe. Entries moving on to the medal round: “Road To November” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), “The Great Post Office Trial” (Whistledown), “Century of Sound” (CBS News Radio), “Guyon Espiner” (Radio New Zealand), “Snapshots from Black America” (BBC Radio 4), “Maradona. The Last Idol” (National Radio of Argentina), “America in the Morning” (Westwood One), and “Latin American corruption in times of Covid-19” (Voice of America.)

The Radio Awards receives entries from radio stations, networks, and independent producers from over 30 countries around the globe. The mission of the competition is to honor the achievements of the men and women who make up the global audio storytelling community.

To view the complete list of the New York Festivals Radio Awards Finalists, click here.

The 2021 NYF Radio Award winners will be announced on October 12 at the annual Storytellers gala taking place at NAB Show 2021 in Las Vegas. This year is the eleventh year of NYF’s strategic partnership with NAB Show, the ultimate marketplace for people passionate about media, entertainment, and technology. All winners and attendees will have access to the multi-day NAB event which is the world’s largest media entertainment marketplace taking place this October.

Entries to each of the competitions are judged around the world by panels of peers in their respective industries. For more information, go to

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Trends in Digital Radio 2021

Radio World - 8 hours 40 min ago

We’re excited to bring you Radio World’s biggest ebook yet, providing a look at the state of global digital broadcast radio, with a focus on the major platforms DAB+, Digital Radio Mondiale and HD Radio.

In which countries have each of these technologies advanced the most? Where are they being considered? What should broadcasters know in 2021 about the rapidly changing car dashboard and how radio stations and metadata will appear to listeners there?

Read interviews and commentaries with leaders at WorldDAB, the DRM Consortium and Xperi Corp., each of whom assess the state of their respective rollouts.

You’ll also glean insights about digital radio, metadata, Android Automotive and other key trends from leaders of stakeholder organizations such as NAB PILOT, the European Broadcasting Union, Digital Radio UK, RadioDNS, Commercial Radio Australia, the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Nautel, 2wcom and Audi.

Read the ebook.

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Best of Show Awards at NAB Are Back

Radio World - 9 hours 40 min ago

With plans in place for the first in-person NAB Show in two and a half years, Radio World and its parent Future have announced the return of the popular Best of Show Awards for the convention.

RW’s sister brands TV Technology, Sound & Video Contractor, Mix, TVBEurope and Broadcasting + Cable will also participate.

“Manufacturers have not been sitting on their hands for the past year and a half,” said Radio World Editor in Chief Paul McLane, “and in the past month or two we have seen a rush of product announcements as they introduce products they’ve been thinking about and working on since the beginning of last year. These awards help shine the spotlight on them.”

Nominations are now open for manufacturers and service providers to submit their offerings. The deadline is Sept. 23.

The Program Guide from the most recent show in 2019, showing all nominees and winners, is available online as well.

The NAB Show, which was cancelled last year and was postponed this year from April, opens on Sunday Oct. 10.

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Gray Gains a Cleveland LPTV Property

Radio+Television Business Report - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 16:55

Gray Television enjoys a presence in Ohio’s largest market, Cleveland-Akron, thanks to its ownership of CBS affiliate WOIO-19 and WUAB-43, the CW Network affiliate — former Raycom Media stations.

Now, Gray is expanding in the DMA by adding the property found on virtual Channel 6.

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LPTV Pioneers Christian, Reed Engineer Multi-Market Sale

Radio+Television Business Report - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 16:30

In just four years, Bill Christian and Mike Reed launched, from scratch, a group of television stations serving the Lafayette, Ind., market — the home of Purdue University.

They’d go on to acquire other TV stations, including a LPTV property in Manchester, Vt., while building up operations in Jonesboro, Ark., and the Tri-Cities of Tennessee.

Now, Christian and Reed are selling nearly all of their TV stations, along with the four radio stations they own, too. Kalil & Co. is the broker of record.

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After 73 Years, This AM Is Gone For Good

Radio+Television Business Report - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 15:45

As 1999 came to a close, Cumulus Media spent $41 million to acquire four FMs and an AM serving California’s Central Coast and two FMs and an AM in Eugene-Springfield, Ore.

The Golden State AM that came in the McDonald Media Group buy first signed on the air in 1948, and from the mid-1960s through 1980 was a profitable MOR station typical of the times. But, times change. By 2000 it was locally programmed Oldies “1450 The Boomer.” In 2010, it was an affiliate of the “True Oldies Channel.” By the time January 2013 ended, its first weeks as one of the first CBS Sports Radio affiliates had been seen.

Now, the station is all but a memory. Cumulus on July 23 surrendered its license to the FCC.

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C-Suite Marketing, Product Posts Filled at Quu

Radio+Television Business Report - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 15:15

Quu Inc., a tech company working to bring dynamic visuals to radio broadcasts, is welcoming a head of marketing and a Product Manager to its executive leadership team.

The two individuals are radio industry veterans, and both report to Quu CEO Steve Newberry.

Now serving as Head of Marketing is Suzy Schultz, most recently at the helm of her own marketing and content production company, Creative Prism. Schultz previously served as SVP/Corporate Marketing for Cumulus Media’s Westwood One arm, and has served as a Managing Editor at iHeartRadio.

The Product Manager post has gone to Ben Husmann.

That’s the person most recently in the COO slot at AccuRadio. Prior to that, he was the SVP/Product and Technology for Emmis Communications’ now-concluded subsidiaries TagStation and NextRadio.

Quu enables radio stations to publish sales and programming messages on car dashboards. These “Visual Quus” sync with on-air content, creating what Quu believes are immediate incremental revenue opportunities through the addition of text and images.

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The InFOCUS Podcast: Keith Wilkes, Employment Attorney

Radio+Television Business Report - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 14:59

Given new face mask guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what’s the first thing radio or TV station management should do in response to the update?

That’s just one of several questions Keith Wilkes, a Tulsa-based labor and employment partner at the law firm of Hall Estill, answers in this all-new InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM. 

When it comes to keeping employees safe from the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus, consulting legal counsel may be top-of-mind for some HR executives. What Wilkes offers could very well assist your team in every market your company operates in.

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Get a Look at the LVCC’s Boring Tunnel Loop

Radio World - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 13:11

If you go to the NAB Show or Radio Show in October, it may be your first look at the massively expanded Las Vegas Convention Center. And you might also be able to take a ride in the Boring Tunnel Loop.

CNET posted this video report about the tunnel by Senior Editor Claire Reilly, which gives you a look:

The project, nicknamed “Teslas in a Tunnel,” opened in June based on a conception by Elon Musk. It is a three-station transportation system with 1.7 miles of tunnel, cored out by a special boring machine.

It connects the LVCC New Exhibit Hall with the familiar, North/Central/South Halls and is intended to reduce a walk of up to 45 minutes with a free 2 minute underground car ride (here’s a map). The Boring Co. would like to build it out to a much bigger system eventually.

An NAB official confirmed that the loop will be running during the NAB Show in October.

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Lawo’s Rɘlay Please the BossFM

Radio World - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 12:21
The new Lawo Rɘlay console software at BossFM.

In a move to simplify operation, BossFM, a radio station in Abuja, Nigeria, has adopted Lawo’s Rɘlay virtual soft mixer to replace its digital console hardware. This was, according to a release. Aimed at making operation “as straight-forward and intuitive as possible” for the station’s talent.

The release explained that the stations ownership said, “Showing our on-air talent and staff the basic functionalities of this novel tool took just a couple of hours. The first show presented with our new virtual setup went live that same afternoon.”

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Rɘlay can handle 24 audio sources across its AES67-compliant digital audio network, all using a laptop computer or a connected touchscreen at a minimum. There are other tools and third-party hardware and software to expand Rɘlay’s capabilities.

Mega Cyber Plus, Lawo’s Nigerian partner, provided the integration and will handle servicing.

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A Quick Spokane Spin Aids A Growing Christian Broadcaster

Radio+Television Business Report - Thu, 07/29/2021 - 12:20

On July 19, RBR+TVBR reported on the completion of a Spokane transaction that saw the sale of an AM and FM by the Warner Tillman-led Legend Broadcasting.

Just eight days later, the entity that purchased those properties is spinning the FM — along with its four boosters — to a “growing Christian” broadcast ministry.

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