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The Grassroots Radio Conference is taking place September 24 through 27 in Palenville, NY hosted this year by WLPP-LP. With all of potential changes on the horizon that can impact LPFM such as the potential of LP-250 and new full-power station classes, the availability of FM translators for LPFM stations, the threat of auctions and crass-commercialism and even issues such as TV channel repacking all have potential impacts on LPFM stations going forward. With other organizations reducing their policy efforts, REC has been carrying a significant amount of the sound, common-sense policy work where it comes to LPFM. Right now, times are tough for REC. This $750 campaign is to help offset REC's costs to send Michi to New York to talk LPFM and update the community on what is happening with the service from a policy perspective. Even if you do not attend GRC this year, the information delivered will be important and will hopefully be archived for everyone to take advantage of. Please CLICK HERE to support REC getting to GRC this year. Thank you in advance!

Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) in Japan

Japan has developed a very sophisticated Early Earthquake Warning (EEW) system that is linked to the nation's broadcasters as well as to wireless telephones, stand alone devices and the internet.

Here is an instructional video about Japan's EEW system produced by the Japanese Meteorological Agency:

Demonstrations of the Japanese Early Earthquake Warning (EEW) system:


This is an aircheck from NHK from an unknown date of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that reached a intensity of 6-upper (on the Shindo scale from 0 to 7) in Shizuoka Prefecture southwest of Tokyo:


An over the air system that replicates the Japanese EEW system is in use in Chile. Here is an example of an activation of their system. Notice the many similarities to the broadcast from Japan:


REC Networks' J1 Radio uses data from Japan's EEW system to deliver warning messages over the air and our website. For more information, visit