About Michi Eyre

Michelle Eyre Michiko (Michi) Eyre (aka Michelle Eyre, aka Michiko Ota, aka 太田道子) was born on August 15, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to California at the age of 5. During childhood, Michi also lived in Cobb County, Georgia and Scottsdale and Tempe, Arizona but lived most of her life in Southern California in the San Fernando Valley. Michi currently lives in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

During childhood, Michi had interests in aviation, commercial air transportation, public safety, radio, computers, telephones and public transportation.

Michi is transsexual due to medical reasons. She has lived for many years in a mixed role and is now living and working fully in her female identity.

Michi started REC Networks as "California Comments", a simple telephone recording service where callers could call an answering machine, listen to a recording and leave a message. The callers would then hear their message on a future recording. This generated some very good conversations. It was like talk-radio for the telephone. REC eventually expanded into voice interactive systems and computer bulletin boards through the 80's and early 90's. In the late 90's and today, REC has an internet presence and is involved in various grassroots efforts, as well as providing a creative outlet for Michi. REC's current slogan is "Entertain, Inform and Support", which is what Michi does through the resources of REC.

Michi spent over 20 years in the telecommunications industry including 8 years at Pacific Bell and 11 years at USWEST/Qwest with a couple of small cable television jobs in between. At Qwest, Michi was responsible for handling the processes, procedures and system requirements for High Speed Internet (DSL) and cable television services. In 2006, Michi was laid-off from Qwest, a fate that has happened to many managers there. Michi also was a contractor to SIRIUS Satellite Radio providing broadcast engineering data.

Michi has held an amateur radio license since 1987. The original call sign was KC6BCY. Over the years, Michi had been involved in 220 MHz repeater scene in Southern California, Amateur Television (ATV), VHF contesting and being a volunteer examiner. When Michelle worked for Pacific Bell, she was involved in that company's Regional Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In fact, on the day of the Northridge Earthquake, Michelle was the first person to arrive at the EOC. Over the years, Michelle has been N6UII, KN6XD and KJ7MU. Since the Vanity Call Sign program, Michi obtained the appropriate call sign K7REC.

Michi has had a long time interest in public transportation issues in Southern California and the Phoenix Valley of the Sun. Michelle still maintains a small transit memorabelia collection including a lot of historical information of services in the late-70's and 80's. In the Phoenix area, with the passing of various ballot measures that resulted in sales-tax increases for transit, Michi was very involved with the staffs of the Tempe and Phoenix public transit systems to make improvements. Some of Michelle's suggestions have been implemented. Michi is also experienced in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).

Musically, Michi has always had an interest in the popular music from the 1970's and 1980's. She feels that popular music has gone downhill in the 1990's. Michelle also has a major interest in the popular music from Japan (JPOP) produced in the 2000 decade. She is enjoys listening to the traditional Japanese "enka" style of music. Michi also listens to other genres of music including album rock, country, jazz or as she says "whatever sounds good at the time". Over the years, Michi has produced several parody songs based on REC and other operations. She recorded parody songs for the W0KIE Satellite Network under the name Srap All Around.

Michi had a rough childhood because of various issues. Unfortunately, her natural parents deny her medical condition and do not accept her gender identity. Michi is very lucky to have accepting siblings and the support of a very close circle of friends. Michi is currently living next door to her ex- and her significant other. They all raise a 6-year old child. Michi has in interest in Japan as well as an interest in western Europe especially her Irish heritage. Michi holds dual citizenship in the United States and the Republic of Ireland.

Known to some as Michi-chan, Michi has taken on an interest in the women's flat track roller derby scene and had used her creative talents to showcase the skaters of Arizona through written articles and through videos including the periodic news program "Michi-chan's REAL Derby".

Michi is the program director of J1 Radio, an internet radio station presenting Japanese popular music.

The name Michiko Ota (太田道子) as a Japanese tsushomei or alias. Michi is known in the Japanese community by this name and this is a name she would use if she was to live in Japan for an extended period of time.

Michi is very happy with the current direction her life is going right now.